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Using Fireworks to Create Batch thumbnails for class photographs

Adapted from guidelines developed by Andrea Pokrzywinski

  1. Every class member needs to have a digital picture taken before this activity can begin
  2. Place the digital pictures of all class members in a single folder
  3. Open Fireworks
  4. Open the File Menu and Choose Batch Process
  5. Navigate to the folder with your class pictures and choose Add All

  1. Click on the next button
  2. Highlight export and Add it to the Include in Batch window
  3. Click on Settings pop up menu and choose Custom…

  1. In the Options menu make sure that JPEG is selected as the file format and set the compression to 60%
  2. In the File menu make sure the constrain box is checked and set the width to 90 pixels.
  3. Click OK

  1. Select Rename in the Batch in the Batch Process Menu and click Add

  1. Choose Add Prefix
  2. Add thu_ to the text box next to this option
  3. Click next

  1. Save the images in the same location  and click on the Batch Button

Note: We will cover the details of way we chose these file settings in greater depth during future lessons.

Repeat these steps, creating a larger image that is 150 pixels wide (proportions constrained). Add the prefix image_ to this version of the batch job. These images are now ready for students to retrieve from a folder through file sharing. Students will have to hunt for their picture, as the file names will be the camera default.


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