Searching for Electives (and other classes) online

The most accurate and up-to-date listing of classes available at UMD is on the official UMD class listing web page. Thus, rather than providing M.Ed. students with a list of possible elective courses that are offered each semester, we recommend that you use the UMD Class Search website to locate courses. The following guidelines walk you through the steps in using this online class search. It may be helpful to print these and have them next to you as you conduct your search.

Locating the Class Search web page:

  1. Go to the UMD home page (
  2. Under the "Quick Links" on the left of the page, click on the link "Register for Classes."
  3. On the Register for Classes page, look in the section "Services you may need" and click on "Class search."

Conducting a search using the Class Search:

The steps described here are also illustrated in the annotated screen shot below.

  1. Term: Click on the drop-down menu under "term" and choose the semester for which you want to search for a course.
  2. Subject: Most electives for the M.Ed. will be under Education - EDUC. However, you may also take courses from other subject areas or departments with the approval of your advisor or committee.
  3. Course type: Select the type of delivery. Although all core M.Ed. courses are Internet-delivered, some electives may be regular (face-to-face) sessions, such as the courses in the Educational Technology Certificate. Thus you may want to do two searches, one for regular courses and one for Internet-delivered.
  4. Sections: Choose "all sections." This way, even if a class is listed as closed, you know that it is being offered and you can find out what the changes are of extra spaces being opened (so don't assume that you can't take a class if it is listed as closed. Ask the person listed as instructor).
  5. Level Range: Set this from 5xxx to 7xxx as these are the graduate level classes (5xxx are open to undergraduates, too, but 7xxx are Master's level only). If you are interested in courses that are part of the Ed.D., then set the range from 5xxx to 8xxx. However, you will need to check with your advisor about which, if any, 8xxx level courses you may take.
  6. Other: Leave all of the other choices at the default settings, unless you have specific reasons for wanting to change them (e.g. if you are interested only in the May session, then select this under "Session").
  7. Search: When you have set your search criteria, click the search button.

screen shot showing the steps in setting up a class search

Checking your search results and registering:

  1. When your search results are generated, make sure that the courses that are listed are open to you as an M.Ed. student (see the screen shot below, which shows examples of ones that are not open to M.Ed. cohort students). If you have questions about this, ask your advisor.
  2. Once you have made your selection from the courses listed, on the results page click on the "add now" button that appears to the left of the course listing.

screen shot showing search results