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General Tips

Before you even get started making a web page, before knowing any HTML, there are some basic ideas you should be familiar with.
  1. First and foremost - organization. You should have a general layout of your site (if you plan on having more than just one page) before you even start. This should include stuff like which pages will link to which other pages, (we'll talk more about links later) which images you will need, etc.
  2. Set up an images folder within your main directory. Store all of the pictures you use on your pages here.
  3. What is HTML? Good question! HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is the universal language used to design web sites. Why does there have to be nasty code like this? Well, the primary reason is the "universal" nature mentioned earlier. When you view documents in Microsoft Word or a similar piece of software, that software is doing the same thing your web browser is. It's interpreting some underlying code, and displaying it on your screen. By using HTML, all browsers are designed to read the same language, so a web page can be seen by everyone. (and hopefully look the same way!)
  4. Tags. These are the basis of every thing you see on a web page. Every table, link, font style, image, and even this list! Everything is designed using a tag. To learn more about the basics of tags, click here.
  5. Well, that's it! If you can understand the basics of the stuff above, you should be able to continue with this short tutorial.