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Tags: What are they? How do they work?

As I said before, everything you do in a web page is using tags. The basic format of a tag is this:

<TAG> (something) </TAG>

For example, say I want to get a header, like the one above. Well, the code for that header is:

<H1>Tags: What are they? How do they work?</H1>

Notice that the tag begins with: <H1> and ends with: </H1>. This is an important aspect of tags. Almost all begin AND end. There are always exceptions, but let's assume for now that we have to end each one. It'll make life easier later on.

Every web page begins and ends with some very important tags. They are:
  1. <HTML> -> tells your web browser that a page with HTML is coming up. The opening tag is always placed at the beginning of your document, and the closing tag is placed at the very end.
  2. <HEAD> -> includes the title of your web page, any search terms, and other stuff we won't get into here. The opening is placed right after the initial HTML tag, and the closing is right away after any HEAD items.
  3. <BODY> -> begins right after the HEAD tag, and ends just before the ending HTML tag.

So, with these few things in mind, here's what a page with just "blank page" as some text in it would look like:



blank page


Without getting into too much detail, here's a quick table of some of the most commonly used HTML tags:

<HTML> Used to begin any HTML document.
<HEAD> Inserted just after the HTML tag. Includes title and other page information.
<TITLE> Included in the HEAD part of the document. The text you put here is what shows up on the top of the browser.
<BODY> Starts after the HEAD tag and ends just before the last HTML tag.
<TABLE> I use this tag a LOT. We'll talk more about it later. In particular, this tag has lots of options like WIDTH, HEIGHT, BGCOLOR, and more.
<FONT> With this tag, you can specify a font style, (Times New Roman, for example) size, or even color.
<U> This tag is for the font - underline. (duh.)
<BR> This is sort of like a "return." It means to go to the next line without any spaces. This is one of the exceptions - you don't need to end this tag.
<P> This tag is used to signify the start of a paragraph.