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Assignments Feature in Moodle

By Helen Mongan-Rallis. Last updated: May 10, 2008

Setting assignment due dates

  1. Under the settings for the assignment, in the general section, select:
    1. grading option
    2. the date on which you wish the assignment to be made available to students (so they can start submitting assignments from this day and time)
    3. the due date for the assignment ( day and time of day on which assignment must be turned in).
    4. you may also choose to prevent late submissions by selecting "yes" from he "prevent late submissions" drop down box. When this is set, students will still be able to see the assignment but Moodle will prevent them from being able to upload late assignments.

      screen shot showing assignment submission box

    5. NOTE: If you decide at some later point in the course that you do want to prevent late submissions after all, even if you didn't originally select "prevent late submissions," you can click on the assignment, click on the "update the assignment" button, and then make changes to prevent late submissions as indicated above.

To access & download the assignments once students have submitted them:

  1. Click on the link to the assignment

  2. At the top right of the screen that displays the assignment, there is a link that says "View __ submitted assignments" (where "___" is the number of assignments that have been submitted). Click on that link.
  3. This takes you to a list of all your students, and next to their names will be a link to any assignment files that they have uploaded.

    screen shot showing assignments list

  4. To access a student's assignment, click on the highlighted word "Grade." This opens the following box:

    screen shot showing assignment grade box

  5. (1) to download the assignment that the student submitted, click on the file name (in the above example, the file name is "Inclusive_Environments.docx") -> this will download the file to your computer. You can then open it (and if you wish to, type feedback to the student on the actual assignment).
    (2) If you have typed feedback on the assignment document and wish to return this document to the student, click on the "browse" button --> then locate the assignment file
    (3) click on the "upload this file" --> this will upload the assignment into Moodle
    (4) click on "Save changes" button
    (6) If you prefer to give students feedback within Moodle, and not type on their actual assignment as described above, you can type your feedback in the text box (#6 above)
    (7) if you want to assign a grade for the assignment using Moodle, select the grading option from the Grade drop-down menu box (#7 above) --> be sure to click on the "save changes" button (#4 above)
    (8) the date and time at which the student submitted the assignment is listed (#8 above). If the assignment was submitted late, this is indicated in red.


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