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Resizing Images

Created by Helen Mongan-Rallis. Last updated: June 1, 2010

Photos taken with digital cameras or scanned from a print can be very large. While this is desirable if you wish to print the photo, it can be a problem if you want to share the photo via email or on a web page. These guidelines are designed to help you resize images for email or for posting on a web page.

Why resize?

See photo examples showing Why it is important to resize images for use on the web or in PowerPoint

What size is best?

Free tools for resizing images

Images can be resized using a wide variety of free applications as well as costly ones (such as Adobe PhotoShop). For most users seeking to share images via email on on a web page, using one of the free applications is all that is needed. Some suggestions are:

  1. Resizr.com: Quick, easy resize online without downloading an application (cross platform). See also: Helen's basic guidelines for using Resizr
  2. Windows XP Image Resizer (for Windows users only)
  3. Mac OSX only:
    1. iPhoto
    2. Email photo to yourself using MacMail: attach image to an email, and then select "medium" or "small" from the drop down menu at the end of the email to resize the image
  4. Gimp: free application with versions for both Mac and Windows. This powerful tool enables a wide variety of options for editing digital images, in many ways similar to the commercial Adobe Photoshop (learn more about Gimp).

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