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Guidelines for Resizr Image Editing

Guidelines by Helen Mongan-Rallis. Page last updated: May 27, 2010

Purpose of Resizr: Cross platform, online editing of images. Enables you to resize an image and then provides options for saving the resized image, sending to a phone via text message, emailing the mage, and getting the codes to share the image on the web.

Basic steps:

  1. Acquire your image (e.g. download from a digital camera, or scan)
  2. Go to Resizr.com
  3. Select and upload the image::
  4. Resize and cropping image for email or displaying on a web page:
    1. Slide the resizing slide bar at the top of the page towards the "small" end of the sliding scale to reduce the image to a size where you can see the portion that you want to crop.
    2. To crop: Click on the button next to the word "free" to select the tool that will enable you to crop the image
    3. Then click and drag on a corner box that appears around the image to change the size of the box around the image. You can also click and drag the side and top borders, as needed, to select only that part of the image that you want to keep
    4. Finally, click on the "Resize my image (click when done) button

Steps to resize the image

Resizing if you don't need to crop the image:

  1. The easiest way to do this is by clicking and sliding the slider bar (rather than manually selecting from the different options).
    Tip: for displaying an image on a web page or in PowerPoint, your image should between 72-93 pixels, so slide the slider so that your image is less than 150 pixels, as show in the screen shot below.
  2. When you are satisfied with the size of the resized image, click on the "resize my image" button. (Note: I have not included the step to rotate the image, but if your image needs to be rotated, click on the appropriate button from the rotating options).

Saving your resized image:

Once you have resized the image following the above steps, it will take a few moments and then your resized image will be displayed. To save it:

  1. Right click (Windows) or holding down the apple key and then click on the picture (Mac) --> then from the drop down menu, choose "save target as" or "save image as" and save the resized image to your computer (rename it so that you know it is the resized image and not the original one).

    screen show showing how to download image by right clicking/control clicking

  2. Your image is now on your computer (wherever you chose to save it to) and ready for you to use (e.g. for inserting on a web page or attaching to an email).

See also: Resizing images (explains why to resize and gives links to other options for resizing applications)

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