What is Heterosexual Privilege?

  1. Living without ever having to think, face, confront, engage or cope with anything listed on this page. Some heterosexuals may choose to address these phenomena, but social and political forces do not require you to do so.
  2. Marrying, which includes the following privileges:
  3. kissing, hugging and being affectionate in public without threat or punishment
  4. talking about your relationship, vacations, family planning you and your partner are involved in
  5. not questioning your normalcy
  6. being employed as a teacher in pre-school through high school without fear of being fired because it is assumed you will harm or corrupt children
  7. raising children without the fear of having them taken away from you because of your sexual orientation
  8. traveling without fear of being harmed or killed because of your sexual orientation
  9. living with your partner openly and without fear
  10. dating the person of your choice in your teen years
  11. receiving validation and support from your religious/spiritual community
  12. receiving social acceptance from neighbors, colleagues, new friends

Other?  Add examples from your own observations.