So Many Tools So Little Time

Presentation to Classrooms of the Future: Critical Reflections on Technology .
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

by Helen Mongan-Rallis & Terrie Shannon. Education Department, University of Minnesota Duluth.
Based on study of distance education at the University of Minnesota Duluth by Helen Mongan-Rallis, Trudie Hughes & Kim Riordan.

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Directions for using framework:

  1. To link the complete description of the tool and all categories under it, click on the name of the tool.
  2. To link to the description of a specific category under a particular tool, click on "X" in the appropriate box.
Category Synchronous chat Video/audio conference Blog Wiki Breeze ITV Asynchronous
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Definition & primary elements

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Purpose for using

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Issues & problems

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Emergent learnings & tips

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