2015 Antineoplastics

2014SESSION VII OBJECTIVES: Drugs that interfere with hormone function

  1. Be able to apply the principles of antihormonal therapy to the treatment of breast and prostate cancer.

  2. Compare the mechanisms of action and toxicities of GnRH agonists and antagonist.  Explain why GnRH analogues are initially administered concurrent with antiandrogens during the treatment of prostate cancer. Compare and contrast the mechanisms of action, therapeutic uses and toxicities of androgen biosynthesis inhibitors.

  3. Compare the specific mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, therapeutic uses and toxicities associated with SERMs and SERDs.  Contrast these properties with those of aromatase inhibitors.

  4. Review the chemotherapeutic therapies used in the treatment of breast cancer, including mechanisms of action and toxicities of drugs presented in other courses.

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