2016 Treatments for Acid-Peptic Diseases

Answer to Example Question 1

This question tests the objective: identify unique properties of the drugs used to treat H. pylori infections.

Lower MIC90 values indicate greater susceptibility of the organism to the drug.  One reason that clarithromycin is preferred to azithromycin is because it has a much lower MIC90 value re. H. pylori.  A drug with a higher MIC90 value than azithromycin would not be an ideal choice, therefore A is not correct.

Proton pump inhibitors raise gastric pH significantly; a drug requiring extremely low pH would not be effective, therefore C is incorrect.

H. pylori is a gram-negative rod, therefore D (an antibiotic against gram-positive bacteria) is incorrect.

To most effectively treat intragastric infections, antibiotics need to have a high oral bioavailability, therefore E is incorrect.

Amoxicillin is the preferred penicillin for the treatment of H. pylori, because of its acid stability. The best answer is B.
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