2016 Treatments for Acid-Peptic Diseases

Answer to example question 4

This question is designed to address the objective: distinguishing treatment of ulcers from hypersecretory diseases, comparing agents that raise gastric pH and distinguishing among antacids.

There is only an unclear association between the presence of H. pylori and dyspepsia, so there is no need for antibiotic treatment.

Sodium bicarbonate is the antacid with the most rapid onset of action.  Aluminum hydroxide is constipating; magnesium hydroxide causes osmotic diarrhea.

Despite the claims of the pharmaceutical companies, PPIs have not been shown to be superior to either H2 blockers or antacids for the symptomatic relief of heartburn.

The correct answer is C:  cimetidine has a more rapid onset of action than omeprazole.

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