2016 Treatments for Acid-Peptic Diseases

Eradicate H. pylori

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Antimicrobials (AMOXICILLIN, CLARITHROMYCIN METRONIDAZOLE, RIFABUTIN and TETRACYCLINE) are the most effective drugs for preventing and treating peptic ulcer disease because they eradicate H. pylori.  Selection of these specific agent(s) is complicated and related to issues of susceptibility, drug distribution, and resistance. Treatment regimens are being tested constantly in clinical trials and will change over time.
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Example QuestionYou have heard the details of these antibiotics before, from Drs. Prunuske and Regal. Therefore, the focus of the material presented on this website is: WHY ARE THESE SPECIFIC ANTIBIOTICS used to treat an H. pylori infection, rather than other drugs in their class (e.g., why AMOXICILLIN rather than PENICILLIN?).

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