2016 Treatments for Acid-Peptic Diseases

Treatment strategies

Eliminate major cause

  1. Eradicate H. pylori
    à antimicrobials

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Parietal cells contain receptors for: gastrin, histamine (H2) and acetylcholine (M3). Stimulation of these receptors increases intracellular Ca2+ (gastrin, M3) or cAMP (H2), either of which results in activation of H+K+-ATPase (the proton pump). Prostaglandins decrease cAMP, reducing acid secretion.

Reduce intragastric acidity

  1. Block stimulation of acid secretion à antimuscarinics, antihistamines
  2. Block acid secretion à proton pump inhibitors
  3. Buffer acid à antacids

Protect the Mucosa

  1. Protective agents
  2. Replace prostaglandins à misoprostol
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