2015 Therapeutic Proteins

Characteristics of an ideal MAB

  1. High degree of affinity and specificity

  2. Adequate recruitment of effector functions
    • strong response to pure mouse antibodies is an advantage
    • not always necessary
      • e.g., antibodies that target TNFα (adalimumab, golimumab, infliximab) are thought to have benefits by preventing TNFα from binding to its receptor
    • can be increased by coupling to cytotoxic agent, e.g. ibritumomab

  3. Long half-life
    • pure mouse antibodies are cleared rapidly; purely human antibodies can be detected >6 months after administration

  4. Reduced SYSTEMIC immunogenicity (esp. want decreased HAMA ---human anti-mouse antibody --- response)
    • HAMA response is greatest for mouse > chimeric > humanised > human least
    • i.e., it is predictable based on amount of mouse protein present, which is a function of the antibody design


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