2015 Vision


Mason: Medical Neurobiology

Chapter 16: Seeing the World

Essential material from other lectures:

  1. Structure of the eyeball, including the innervation of the levator palpebrae superioris and superior tarsal muscle, the lacrimal gland, the cornea and the lens (Dr. Severson, Applied Anatomy)

  2. CSF formation and Treatment of Hydrocephalus (Drs. Drewes and Trachte, Neurological Medicine)

  3. Pupillary reflex/innervation of the dilator and constrictor muscles of the pupil (Dr. Severson, Neurological Medicine)

  4. Anatomical structures associated with aqueous humor formation and flow, including the ciliary body and the canal of Schlemm (Dr. Downing, Neurological Medicine).

  5. Histology of the retina (Dr. Downing, Neurological Medicine).

  6. Receptor potentials and lateral inhibition (Dr. Fitzakerley, Neurological Medicine)

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