2007 Sensory Physiology

Tonotopic maps

Cochlear nucleus tonotopic map

Distribution of auditory nerve fibres (ANR) within the cochlear nucleus of the cat (Ryugo and Parks, 2003). All 3 regions of the cochlear nucleus (AVCN, PVCN and DCN) are innervated by a branch of the auditory nerve. Within each region, the innervation is organized tonotopically --- shown here for the DCN, where low frequency fibres terminate ventrally and high frequency fibres dorsally. The 3 cochlear nucleus regions project centrally along parallel, but separate pathways.

Cortex tonotopic map

Primary auditory cortex (found in the temporal lobe) also has a tonotopic map that maintains the frequency specificity organized by the cochlear place principle (click here for the original image source).


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