UMD and Duluth Environment

One thing that attracts program participants and visitors to the Duluth REU is
that Duluth is a wonderful place to spend a summer. According to the American
Lung Association, it is among the top 10 metropolitan areas in the United States
with the least smog pollution. A 2011 ranking by Farmers Insurance Group of 400
U. S. communities rated Duluth as the 11th most secure community among
midsize metropolitan areas (population of 150,000-500,000). In 2014 Outside Magazine,
a national magazine targeting outdoor audiences, named Duluth the winner of its
"Best Town Ever" contest (see
Best-Towns-16-Greatest-Places-to-Live-in-America.html). In prior issues the same
magazine rated Duluth in its Top 10 Dream Towns and Top 40 Best College Towns.
Money magazine has rated Duluth as one of four the top four Midwestern small cities on
the basis of livability. In 2017 financial technology company SmartAsset ranked Duluth
as the "least-stressed city in America" in its analysis of nine factors for 512 cities.
In a 2017 report by WalletHub called the "Happiest States in America" Minnesota was rated first.
The high level of mathematics done, the extraordinary networking opportunities available,
the environmental attractiveness of region, and beautiful summer weather make the Duluth
REU a unique research experience.

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