The intent of this project is to compile information about the career paths of Putnam Fellows (top five finisher in the William Lowell Putnam Competition-- and to provide a searchable data base for information about Putnam Fellows.
  • The site is searchable by first and last names, years, institutions of Putnam Fellows, and institutions of PhDs of Putnam fellows.
  • For example, searching for Princeton University under "School as Putnam Fellow" will return all Putnam Fellows from Princeton.
  • Searching for Princeton University under "University of PhD" will return all Putnam Fellows with a PhD from Princeton (as far as I have been able to determine).
  • For a listing of Putnam Fellows by year enter % in the box The Year of Putnam Exam.
  • For a listing of Putnams Fellows sorted by the PhD granting institutions in alphabetical order use % in the box University of PhD.

Please send me any information you have about a Putnam Fellow or any comments or suggestions about the site. Thank you.

Joe Gallian

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Search Tips

    Except for MIT, NYU, UCLA and Caltech, the institution's full name is used. The wildcard symbol % following a string of characters looks for names that begin with that string. Thus, Wash% yields Washington University, St. Louis. The wildcard symbol % at the beginning of a string of characters looks for names that end with that string. Thus, %Berkeley yields all entires corresponding to University of California at Berkeley.