Subject: keys

Hey Lefty!

You'll never believe what happened to me this weekend. So I was hanging out at the usual spot, the dumpster by the coffee shop.  When this really hot guy walks by. It was so embarrassing, I burst out in sweat and had to run  home to get a clean shirt. To my disbelief when I got to the car I found that I had locked the keys inside! I'm always doing that. 

To top the story off when I got back to my house to get my spare key, the entire house was locked, and my room mates were all gone for the weekend. I had to call a lock smith to get into the house. It cost me 45 dollars! I'm losing my mind.

Thankfully this school year is almost over. How was your first year of college? Its hard to believe that I only have one more year left and then I'm off to medical school, assuming I get in. I really wish I could take a few years off though to travel the world but I just can't afford to.

Your going to be mowing lawns for work this summer, right? Its so nice having a job where you can be outside. I work for a company that builds swimming pools. Sometimes when we're finished building a pool we'll go for a swim, just to test it out. I'll get to show off the tattoo I got this year to all my co-workers. Have I shown it to you yet? Me and a few friends were just having a couple shots of espresso by the dumpster and randomly decided we'd all go get a tattoo.

Well, I better get going. I have a lot of studying to do. Good luck with finals!