Subject: Friggin exam

Hey, Skippy. It's Corky. What's up? How'd you do on that test in Plant Bio? I think I did alright, but that friggin test was HARD man. What's the prof's problem anyhow?
So, I was driving around with my cousin last week and, out of boredom, we drove through that crappy part of town. You know, the part of town where that old amusement park is. It was strange, but I could have SWORN that I saw you there. And you wonder why people think you're weird. Seriously, dude. I really like cheese. Not that that has to do with anything, but I do.
Oh yeah! So, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. About that test, I know that the prof carries the answer key around with him, and since the exam is over an all, I was wondering if you could snag a look at it. It's going to take that guy 2 weeks to get the scores up anyhow and I just want to see how I did. What do you say?