Subject: hey stranger

hey grimace,
  how are you doing? it feels like i havent talked to you forever, or atleast not since our run in with the law 2 weeks ago. who would have thought that your facination with aliens would have gotten us in trouble haha. anyways, i was just writing to tell you about my exciting news. i am actually going to go to washington dc, i know your probably thinking that im all talk, but trust me, this time i actually did get around to buying the ticket and everything. my summer landscaping job really paid off! anyways, im hoping to tour the white house, and maybe even meet the president.. that would be so rad! ive been
waiting for so long to do that, hopefully i wont miss my plane or something stupid like that ;-) well thats enough about me, im curious to hear about you. last time we talked you were dating two people! johnny and jill right?? just wondering how that worked out, you dog! as for me, im still single... always have been, always will be, i guess ill jsut wait for the right girl... even if it takes forever! anyways, i best be going... good luck with the rest of your school year. dont work too hard in those computer classes or ya might turn into one of those computer nerds haha although it might be too late..jk. i have finals week in a couple weeks,so ill be hittin up the library trying to do some last minute cramming for my big communications test... danng how i wish this shcool had a lion taming program, things would be so much easier :) jk. just think... one more year til graduation!! well, good luck! hope to hear from you soon, and we should definetly plan on doing something in the near future... maybe even cause some ruckus!! later.

bee bee