Subject: TAX TIME

Hey Turbo-

I hate people.  I can?t believe it, I went to the DC and the person asked me if I had change smaller then a 20.  What do I look like a bank?sure I?m an accounting grad student but come on.  I just hate strangers if they weren?t so strange I don?t know.
Anyway I just wanted to let you know that my head shaving went well.  I am now in the accounting cult and loving it.  I got this great tattoo on my head.  Yeah my mom freaked but that?s cool she got me this awesome wig.  It makes me look like a medieval warrior or something sweet like that.

I have this personal income test coming up on Friday I have been studying like a mad woman for this test what with the difference between W2s and W4s wow I?m going to have to go to Taco Bell after that.  Maybe get some Potato Oles and some of those deep-fried cinnamon things.

I will be so glad to be done with school soon.  I can't wait to work at the movie theater; it?s going to be tight.  I am so glad to be running the movie reel.  I hope there are some cool new teen comedies out like American Pie ? or another one of those Scary Movies.  I love sequels. I always think the sequel is better then the original.  Except for maybe the Ewok movies.
The other reason I was writing was to ask you to save some bottle caps for me when you go on your trip to Canada.  I think if you just bring back like 50 bottle caps that should be enough.  I don?t think that?s too much, I would do the same thing if you had a cool collection of stuff to donate to.
Also I wanted to invite you to my gig on Saturday at 8.  Sir Spits A lot and me are going to be playing some blue grass music at 10th and 3rd and it would be really cool if you could come.  I have some really cool bottle caps to show you, but you can?t have any of them.  If you try to take any I?ll break your arms.  And don?t even think about bending them.

Hope to see you there have a great summer and don?t forget about the f-ing bottle caps.