Subject: what up yo?

Yo Shorty!

 I havent seen you around lately! I always chill after bball by the chairs on second floor, but I never see you anymore except in class! Is it because I dominate in our one on one games? ;) Lol jk man.

 Anyway, I was wonderin what you were up to this weekend cuz a couple of the guys from my house were gonna go the game and I was hopin you would come. Things at the store are about the same, but I did meet some cool record company reps a few days ago. I gave them a demo of our jam session so I hope they like it! You should bring by some free pizzas for me some time soon *hint hint*. BTW, sorry bout the accident at the bar, I just couldn't stop burping. I think I have something wrong with me so I'm gonna see a doctor about it. Anyway let me know if you wanna come w/ us to the game. That'd be tight dude! Later!