Subject: life in general

Hows life in the fast lane?

Have you set a date for the wedding yet?

So what is this I hear about you running into the ol’ elementary honey?
What is he doing these days?  
Has he turned into a hottie?  
Speaking of hotties….i met one at the health center a few days ago.
His name is Ted; 6.2, marvelous blue eyes and great muscle tone. Yum yum! He was nice enough to wipe his sweat off the treadmill for me.  Now that’s what I call a gentleman!

Guess what I did this weekend!
I got another tattoo!!!!
Can you believe it?  
I had them put it on my right thigh.  Not as fancy as the one on your arm…just simple black ink. Hurts like hell right now though which is making it very hard to practice for soccer.  

Are you taking any summer classes in the computer sciences? I was thinking about it but I just can’t bring myself to do the summer school thing AGAIN.  
I don’t know about this puter science major of mine. I’m getting really bored with it. Not a good thing either since I’m planning to do this the rest of my life, ya know?

You should let me know if you’re still planning on babysitting this summer. I’ll be waitressin as always but I’m sure I can ask for some weekends off to come visit you and the fiancé. Let me know what works best for the both of you.

Take care