Subject: Fricken' right

So BeeBee, what's up man?

I just finished up this like 79 page lab paper and I am so sick of staring at the stupid computer...but I had to find out how your date went. That chick was pretty fine if you ask me. Please tell me you didn't pull out that "Oh, I'm so shy, I've never had a girlfriend" bit. Because you know that crap always scares every girl you ever take out. You gotta be a man, man. Do it like the Sharky does, nice and smooth. How do you think I get all my chicks? It sure as hell isn't my sexy body. I think it's the hair man, chicks are all over the curly locks. Me and some guys are gonna go hit up the mall later if you want to come, I gotta find myself some new digs for this weekend. Plus there's always tons of high school chicks at the mall...not to be all creepy and stuff, but you know how we do. Alright, just hit me up later if you want to come with. I'm gonna rock out...the OC's on in a few minutes. Later bro.

The fricken' sweetest man alive,