Subject: Congrats!!

Hey Tickles!!! Haven't talked to you in forever. I just heard about your BIG win in the national pickle juggling competition. I can't believe you won, how great is that going to be to put on your next job application, just kidding. I wish I could have seen it, you will have to show me a few pointers on juggling once I come home. How's everything going with the gentleman??? I heard you are quite a heartbreaker these days, you have them coming to you left and right. Me, I'm just single still... though I did finish my latest book which I think will give me great inspiration in dating. It's called "He's just not that into you" it's written by writers from "Sex in the City." It gives you great pointers in what you should and shouldn't go, hopefully I will find someone then, doubtful but hoping. anyways.. I should probably get going, I wish wecould see each other more, can't wait till I move back home and we can hang out again.

Miss you :) Stan

PS: Just wondering if you still wanted to get that restaurant job when I come back home, it would be fun, you, me and all those cute bus-boys!!!! Think about it and call me :)