Subject: stuff

Hey how's everything going?? Pretty good here, just got done taking a Art History test- it was super hard because I forgot to study once again! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to step it up next test. Painting is what I have been spending a lot of time on these days. I have been working on a jungle motif (which inspired my recent elephant tattoo). It is taking FOREVER!!! But hey- it's a good way to channel my energy and will entertain me for awhile.

So, anyways, enough about school...NOW lets get to the real important stuff: MEN!! OH MY GOSH, I have seriously had my phone ringing off the hook! I give my number to a few guys at a party; who would have thought they would ALL call me and ALL want to go on a date???? Well, at least I can pick and choose, don't have to settle for someone I don't really like. I just hope they aren't friends with one another, THEN things might get a little complicated!!! BUT I suppose, gotta run!! I'll probably give you a call later or something...maybe we can do something up for this weekend and go out...See ya