Subject: Eh yo!

Hey what up Foxy! I am gonna be heading up to Alaska for an interniship for Phy Ed next year so maybe you can give me a few pointers on that cat mushing.  I hears u are a real champion.  Should be great but I'll probably sit back and relax most of the time, you know, just mellow out for a few months.  It'll be great to get out of school here soon and hit it back up on the golf course.  I just love picking up all them balls. :) Did you know that the dimples on golf balls are there not just to make them cute but so that they will travel up to four times farther than a smooth ball.  See the dimples in the ball changes the pressure around it bringing the air stream closer to the ball and therefore increasing the pressure behind it and thus causing it to fly farther.  Pretty cool huh?  So when you ever gonna talk to me outside of email form?  You could like meet me in my usual hangout :)
So anyways, Meow baby!