:: The Project ::

Digital Studio Students built this fictional university by contributing:

1. Tattoo design
2. Character Profile (traits drawn from a hat)
3. Portrait of fictional student w/tattoo
4. Fictional email

Step 1: Each student designs an original Tattoo. Take some time to look at tattoo art on the web, (see links + inspiration) and to sketch and brainstorm a unique image that embodies the spirit of body art and symbol. This tattoo belongs to a fictional student at a fictional university. You know nothing more.

Step 2:
Each student builds a character profile. Randomly select (draw from a hat) a few details about the fictional student who wears this tattoo: body placement of tattoo, campus hangout, gender, major, year in school, age, secret talent, aspirations, bad habit, love life...

Step 3:
Each student creates a portrait of this fictional person with their tattoo... a picture of the person clothed, on campus, showing someone their tattoo. You may use photography or appropriated images as a guide, but please create an original image. Add color to your image with the project color palette. (see above)

Step 4:
Each student composes a fictional email... from their character to another character in the fictional university. This email can reveal personal or academic situations relevant to your character profile. (Have fun with this, but respect the evolving fiction)

Step 5: Digital writers are invited to contribute a fictional email... from one character to another character in the fictional university. Please respect the evolving fiction by buiding upon established plot + character traits. (see below for directions on submitting emails)

Fictional email contributions will be accepted to the Tattoo U project May 1 - 10, 2005.

::: digital writers :::



In the subject line of your email please write:

email To: tattoo # (the number)

In the body of your email:

To: (nickname)

From: (nickname)

Text of email, rated PG-13 please
for use on university server!

+ Your name as you would like it to appear
on the credits page.