The UMD Music Department's Student Composition and Improvisation Page

As part of a course in improviation, students are given the opportunity to explore techniques drawn from a diversity of perspectives.   In order to be self-reflective and understand how to learn from these in-class extemporizations, this website can be used to listen to selected performances and the progression of skills exhibited over the course of the semester. The titles of these improvisations are assigned based on the genre from which they were inspired.

Topic 1: Scelsi

Topic 2: Terry Riley

Topic #1: Improvisation in the style of Giacinto Scelsi

Arianrhod: The Celtic moon-mother goddess, called the "silver wheel" (30 players) Listen

Mithra: The god of light in Persian Mythology (8 players) Listen

For further listening and investigation into the world of Giacinto Scelsi, go to the UMD Main Library:

            Piano Music:

Action music. no. 1; Suite no. 8 CD 659
Aki Takahashi Plays Scelsi DVD 1064
Piano Sonatas no. 2 and 4; Suite no. 9 CD 644

            Chamber Music:

Chamber works for flute and piano CD 646
The complete works for clarinet CD 645
Music for high winds CD 761
Music for Strings CD 632

Orchestral Music:

Hurqualia, Hymnos, Konx-om-pax (with choir) CD 643

Vocal Music:

Canti del Capricorno (excerpts) CD 643


Topic #2: Terry Riley's In C

In D: Composed and performed by the students in the class (30 players) Listen

For further listening and investigation into the world of Terry Riley, go to the UMD Main Library:

Diamond fiddle language CD 913
Kronos Quartet DVD 225
Musical Outsiders VC 3560