The Poetry of Time and the Disorientation of Memory



This multimedia work brings the viewer into a distinctly different world...

One in which the present and future may appear to be almost simultaneous...

One in which silhouettes replace populations and places exist without discernable location...

One that recalls our shared pasts, but without the sense of being familiar at all...


Composer Justin Rubin and artist John Merigliano bring to life the bizarre, surreal poetry of the obscure turn-of-the-century author Samuel Greenberg (1893-1917) in their first collaboration in over a decade.  

Man's measurement of Time is observed, articulated, and ultimately manipulated over the course of nine enigmatic sequences: the slow pulse of the Earth - passages leading to veiled destinations - the drama of birth and death at every level of life - the vagaries of memory and its illusory power - these and other subjects are at the core of this work (duration: 10'38").


"A magical funny scary experience that begs for a second viewing."
                    - Kori Klyman

"Thoughtful and serene - a tribute to the possibilities of modern multimedia when done well."
                    - Paul DeSilva


Institutions or individuals interested in this multimedia work are encouraged to contact the artists for more information:

Justin Rubin:  
John Merigliano:

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The Pale Memory was made possible by a generous grant by the University of Minnesota Institue for Advanced Study
and the Office of the Vice President for Research for the University Symposium on the topic of Time.


This work was created in part at the University of Minnesota Duluth Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab.

All images and sounds are protected under copyright © Justin Henry Rubin and John Merigliano 2007.