Composing a Sonata

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B. Development

3. Development of the First Theme. In our simple sonata we will develop each theme in succession. We begin the development in f minor, the relative key to the final cadence of the exposition (Ab major). Here we will explore more distant keys than found in the exposition (such as bb minor), as well as expand on the textures as first introduced to the listener.


4. Development of the Second Theme.  A brief interlude brings us to the development of the second theme, only now cast in the Classically-oriented relative major of Eb. A tonicization allows f minor, the first key of the development, to emerge within this section as the final key region of the development. This passage, however, acts primarily as a segue to the final dramatic sequence that culminates on a V/V of f minor. This in turn prepares for the return of c minor (the dominant of f minor) and the recapitulation.


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