Justin Henry Rubin:  
Chronological Catalogue of Works

All materials are protected under copyright © Justin Henry Rubin 2019

Most materials are available upon request from the composer (excluding works published by an independent house)




This chronology of the works by Justin Henry Rubin is intended as a selective list, excluding fragments, incomplete works, and works no longer acknowledged by the composer as being representative.





Variations on "In allen meinen Taten" : violin, oboe, clarinet (Bb), bassoon, and harpsichord (or piano)

Piano Album 2020

Organ Book XXVIII

Miscellanea organi

Agnus Dei: voice and piano

"...Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night...": piano solo and orchestra

Ten Organ Chorales for 2020

Haiku Éternelle: clarinet or bass clarinet solo

Fantasy and Fugue on a Theme by Beethoven: organ four-hands/feet

Mozart Adagio in B-flat major K. 411/484a: arrangement for piano

Reimagining Mozart's Adagio in B-flat major K. 411/484a: piano solo

Eleven Piano Bagatelles for 2020

Klag-Lied-Phantasie (after Dietrich Buxtehude): piano solo

Variations on "The Battle Cry of Freedom": piano solo

Kyrie coronatus: female voices/choir and optional keyboard accompaniment

Capriccioso, Adagio, and Fugue in d minor for Piano Solo

Reimagining Mozart’s Fragment “Einsam bin ich, meine Liebe” K. 475a: piano solo

For Joanna: An Album Leaf for Piano Four-Hands

Five Organ Chorales for Manuals Alone

Variations on a Sonata Fragment by Mozart K. 526a: piano solo

Fasntasia super “Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele”: piano solo

Blackbird: voice and piano

The Message: voice and piano

Rainy Summer: voice and piano

Lakeside Eclogue for Piano Solo in memory of William Baines

Chaconne and Fugue in B minor for Piano Solo

Only in August: voice and piano

24 Pralinudettini per pianoforte

Ballade of Love: voice and piano

The Lord will overshadow you: female choir

Litania: cantor and piano

Variations on "Ach Gott und Herr, wie groß und schwer": piano solo

"Bedenke, Mensch, das Ende, bedenke deinen Tod!": voice and piano

Three Tone Poems for Piano Solo

On the Embankment: voice and piano

Drei deutsche Tänze: piano solo

Completion of the Sarabande Fragment by Mozart K. 399: piano solo

Sunday Morning Alone: voice and piano

Wisdom Calls Aloud: SATB choir and piano

What are Dreams?: voice and piano




Neue Lieder ohne Worte: piano solo

Variations on the Andante from Mozart's Sonata in C major K.545: piano solo

The Instinct of Hope: voice and piano

Sonata in f minor for Piano Solo

The Violet and the Nightingale: voice and piano

Little Fantasia and Fugue in G: organ solo

Little Trio Sonata in c minor: organ solo

Little Book of Chorales X: piano solo

Why do I love the silence of the moon: SATB and organ

Kyrie pro Adventus et Quadragesimae: SATB and piano/organ

Four Psalm Preludes: organ solo

Sonatina in Two Movements in Bb for Piano

Rumination on "Hosanna filio David" for Piano Four-Hands

Chorale Preludes 2019

"A Pastoral" for Clarinet (A) and Piano

Little Fantasia and Fugue in f minor: organ solo

Six Bagatelles for Two Violins

To A Child: voice and piano

Valediction in F major: organ solo

Double Jugalbandi: four percussionists and recorded media

Written Near a Waterfall: voice and piano

Mother's Day 2019: voice and piano

Prelude, Aria, and Ricercare in b minor: piano quartet

Psalm 90: SSATTB and optional piano/organ

Holy Spirit Ever Dwelling: SA choir, congregational voices, and piano

Rivalry: soprano saxophone (Bb), violoncello, and piano

Kujawiak in F major on the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Mieczyslaw Weinberg (1919-1996): piano solo

Pater Noster: female or youth voice and piano

Dunt: a poem for a dried up river: SSAATTBB soloists

Fantasy in d minor: piano solo

Organ Book XXVII

Shadowings: voice, string quintet, and piano

...a bird of the wilderness...: female choir

The Deserted Garden: voice and piano

Ach wie flüchtig, ach wie nichtig: SSATTB choir

Little Book of Chorales XI: piano solo

Three of Chants: voice(s) and piano

Vocalise for Late Summer: voice and piano

Daily Studies, Bagatelles, and Meditations for the Development of the Expressive and Technical Potential of the Student of the Piano

Chaconne Éternelle: piano quartet

The Thorn: male choir and piano

We Met But Once: voice and piano

Moonlight: SSAATTBB soloists

Variations on Schütz's Psalm 132: organ solo

Fantasy on "Sollt ich meinem Gott nicht singen": organ solo

Concert Piece in E minor for Violin and Piano

Four Studies on the Organ Chorale

Early Fall Romance for Violin and Viola

Day is dying in the west: SATB choir

Lauda anima mea Dominum: female choir and organ

Die kleine Orgel: organ solo

Three Pastoral Fugues and Postludes for Piano Solo

Theme and Delusions on Beethoven's "Für Elise" for Piano Four-Hands

Fugal Study in G minor for Piano Quintet

If you are fire and I am fire: voice and piano

Absolve, Domine: mixed choir

A little breath...: voice and piano

Two Impromptus for Piano

Etudes in Trio for Organ

Variations on "Katyusha": piano solo

Fantasy super "Erschienen ist der herrliche Tag": organ solo

Piano Suite in Eb-minor

Magnificat and Nunc dimittis: SATB choir and organ

Psalm 55: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Bass, and Organ

Bagatelles for Organ

...while I watch o'er thee...: voice and piano

Canon in d minor for Two Violins

Sonatina in E minor: piano solo

Misericordias Domini: SATB choir and piano








Variations on Psalm 79 by Heinrich Schütz: piano solo

To crumble in our separate night...: voice, violoncello, and piano

Prelude and Fugue in a: piano solo

To Contemplation: voice and piano

Prelude and Fugue in G: piano solo

Suite estemporanea for Brass Quartet: two trumpets (C), tenor trombone, and tuba

The Shipwreck: voice and piano

Élévation pour orgue

Suite en E mineur pour orgue

Two Piano Intermezzi

Brumps: multiple percussion solo

Partita super "Elselein, liebstes Elselein": piano solo

Laura: voice and piano

Variations on a Theme by Senfl: organ solo

Organ Trio in f minor for P.M.

The Heart you left, when you took mine: voice and piano

The kiss of twilight: voice and piano

The Wheels: voice and piano

Little Trio Sonata in G for Organ

From the Life of Crabbe: baritone voice and piano

Six Organ Chorales for W.B.

Pralinudettino-Bagatelle: clarinet (Bb), trumpet (Bb), and piano

Partita super "Aus tiefer Not schrei": piano solo

A Withered Rose: voice and piano

Rondo in d for piano in Memory of George Rochberg

From the Life of Crabbe: baritone voice and piano

Spiritual Love: mezzo-soprano and piano

Klavierstück in d: piano solo

Ricercare in G minor for Three Flutes

Yesterday: voice and piano

Suite for String Quartet

Circulus ad infinitum: organ solo

Heaven and earth shall pass away: voice and piano

Ruminations on "Wayfaring Stranger": piano solo

Ten Short Organ Chorales

7 Canonic Etudes for Organ

Reminiscences of Schubert's "Des Fischers Liebesglück" D. 933

...the painted banquet... : SATB choir and 2 violins

...the beauteous phantom flies...: voice and piano

Through the mirk shade: voice and piano

Drafts: piano solo

Organ Book XXVI

The Forging of the Anchor: bass voice and piano

Sonata in e minor for Piano Solo

Danza Naturale: flute and harp

Happier days may yet be mine: voice and piano

...in the light of burning Woods...: voice and piano

Chorale Preludes 2018

Sonata in g minor for Piano Solo

A Summer Day: voice and piano

Evening: voice and piano

Walzerträume: piano solo

A vestige...: 2 Altos, 2 Tenors, Baritone and Bass

Four Canonic Studies on Themes by Schubert: piano solo

Danaë : orchestra

Hidden Music: voice and piano

Romanza in Bb Major for Violin and Piano

Organ partita super "Ich ruf zu dir, Herr"

Response to L'Simcha: Psalm 17

Fantasy in b minor: piano solo

...the infinite nature of Sorrow: voice and piano

"...And moonlight shadows sleep...": violoncello and piano

Three Solemn Variations on a Solemn John Dowland Song: organ solo

Angel of Earth: voice and piano

How should I like...?: voice and piano



Concertino for Horn and Strings

Organ Book XXI

Ruminations on "Ecstasy"

This eloquent breath...: voice and piano

Blick ins Licht: string sextet

Preludium in Bb major: piano solo

Fragments of Fragments: voice and piano

Seven Short Trios for the Organ Student

And paleness came, like moonlight...: voice and piano

Now I am on the earth: voice and piano

Winter evening at home: voice and piano

Two Bowles Songs: voice and piano

Piano Album 2017

Organ Book XXII

Before, Behind, and Beyond: voice and piano

Studies in the Form of Free Variations on Telemann's Aria "Meine Hilfe kommt vom Herrn": piano solo

Momentary Consolation: Native American flute

Fuga contraria: piano solo

Canzona nova for Brass Quintet

For the Lord will be at your side: baritone and piano

The Sea-Maid's Ring: voice and piano

Seven Piano Canons

The Joy of Grief: voice and piano

Gaillarde pour flûte, piano et vibraphone

Intende voci: SATB choir with soloists and piano

Intermezzo for Flute and Strings

Tourdion pour flûte et piano

Dialoghi per organo

In the darkness: AATT choir and piano

Lost Years: voice and piano

As now the shades of eve...: voice and piano

Sonata 2017: piano solo

Piccolo fugato per due oboi: two oboes

Little Canonic Study for 2 Clarinets

Psalm 4: A Prayer for Peace: organ four-hands

Little Canonic Study for 3 Horns

The Autumn Walk: voice and piano

Solitude: voice and piano

Sleeping and Waking: voice and piano

Canonic Duets for Violin and Viola

Cum Angelis: treble choir and piano or organ

Kyrie alternatim: organ solo

...the unbeing past...: voice and piano

Among the Clouds: voice and piano

Four Three-Part Canons: piano solo

The Welcome: male voices and piano

Allegretto Scherzando for Woodwind Quintet

El órgano de cámara: organ solo

Thirty Short Pieces for the Developing Pianist

Partita super "Wer nur den lieben Gott": piano solo

To Vesper: voice and piano

Away to the Woodlands: voice and piano

The Secret: voice and piano

An April Cloud: voice and piano

Compendium contrapuncti organi

Wind and Cloud: voice and piano

Prelude, Adagietto, and Fugue in F: organ solo

Menuetto in g minor for String Quartet

Linnea's Waltz: piano solo

Sleeplessness: voice and piano

Sleep and Death: voice and piano

...the dawning hour...: voice and piano

The World's Wake: voice and piano

The Last Green Leaf: voice and piano

Andante Lirico for Violin and Piano

Psalm 39: organ solo

In Hours of Grief: voice and piano

Little Suite in e minor: piano solo

Totus in corde: SATB and optional piano

The Outcast: voice and piano

A Changeling: voice and piano

Organ Book XXIII

Ruminations on "Babylon is Fallen"

Partita super "Helft mir Gotts Güte preisen"

February: voice and piano

Catchphrase for Percussion Septet

Canon in b minor for Two Violins

Oh river flowing through the silent night: male voices and piano

The Poet's Hour: voice and piano

Preludium in e minor: piano solo

Partita super "Erschienen ist der herrlich Tag": piano solo

The Pleasures of Memory: voice and piano

An Invocation: voice and piano

Time Long Past: bass voice and piano

The Disdained Lover: voice and piano

A Final Pavian: In Memory of Peter Maxwell Davies: percussion septet

Infancy Asleep: youth voice and two violins

Fünf kleine Choralbearbeitungen: organ solo

Little Book of Chorales IX: piano solo

Valediction-Vocalise: wordless voice and organ

Sonatina in Ab for Piano

Adagio and Fugue in d: organ solo

Prelude and Fugue in D: piano solo

The Lake of Geneva: voice and piano

Deux Offertoires: organ solo

Summer Wind Gusts: voice and piano

Fantasy in d for organ

Florida Music: piano solo

for Ainhoa - a Poem for Violin and Piano

Anyone to Anyone: song cycle for voice and piano

Organ Book XXIV

Four Pieces for Piano

Shiv'ah (in memory of Alan Lauritz Berg): organ solo

Motet: "Meine Seel' erhebt den Herren": SATB and organ or piano

Kleine Partita super "Jesu, der du selbsten wohl": piano solo

Three December Canons for Piano

Poem for String Quartet in e minor

"...Tired Hope may, like the rose, Fade 'neath time's fleetness...": flute and piano [completed in 2018]

Organ Book XXV [completed in 2018]





Remember him who's far far away: voice and piano

A metaphysic doubt: male choir with optional accompaniment

Hypochondriacus and Old Familiar Faces: voice and piano

Eternal Canons: three violins and portative organ

They are no more: voice and piano

Dance of Life: female choir with organ accompaniment

Five Trios for Organ

Sonata pro defunctis

Organ partita super "Es wird der letzte Tag herkommen"

...a shadowy path apart...: voice and piano

...And flowers return, – but not the flowers I knew...: clarinet (A), violoncello and piano

Organ partita super "Nicht so traurig, nicht so sehr"

Organ partita super "Nun sich der Tag geendet hat"

Le tombeau de J.C.F. Fischer: piano solo

Partita super "Vater unser im himmelreich": piano solo

A thousand joys and griefs in dreamy forms appear...: song cycle for voice and piano

Organ Book XVIII

Sonata Breve for Violin and Piano

Barcarollette: flute, clarinet (A), and bassoon

Ruminations on "Nearer, My God, to Thee": piano solo

Tripartita super "Christ, der du bist der helle Tag": portative organ

Fantasia Breve for String Quartet

Ades, King of Hell: voice and piano

Down the River: voice and piano

Our Hidden Leaves: voice and piano

Organ partita super "Christus, der ist mein Leben"

On an Obelisk in my Garden: voice and piano

Sunbeams in the Wood: voice and piano

Two Heywood Songs: voice and piano

Praeambula novae: Baroque organ

The dream is over...: SATB and organ

Prelude super "Mit Fried' und Freud ich fahr' dahin": organ solo

Two Emerson Songs: voice and piano

The Darken'd Veil: voice and piano

Three Piano Canons

Tiny Chaconne for Harp or Piano

Boutefeu II: flute, oboe, and bassoon

...a Meeting and a Parting...: voice and piano

Two Sacred Songs: voice and piano

Tiny Chaconne for Harp or Piano

Organ Book XIX

The Sunken City: voice and piano

Coming Summer: voice and piano

Suum Cuique: voice and piano

Little Nostalgic Rondo: for English horn (F) and piano

Chaconnette for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano

Organ Book XX

Little Book of Chorales VIII: piano solo

The Lake: voice and piano

Variations on Mozart's "Lacrimoso son' io" KV 555: piano solo

Rumination on "Komm, Gott Schöpfer, heiliger Geist" for Piano Four-Hands

Five Organ Chorales in Trio

Two Barlas Songs: voice and piano

Prelude to the Death-Dream of John Evelyn Barlas: string quartet

What Shall Be Missed?: voice and piano

Four Piano Canons

...my spirit was wafted in softness away...: SATB and Positive Organ

Variations on Psalm 19 by Heinrich Schütz: piano solo

An Ode to Evening: mezzo-soprano and string trio

Litany-Variations on Psalm 109 by Heinrich Schütz: piano solo

Night Song for Benjamin: clarinet (Bb), bassoon, and vibraphone

Organ Diary, July 2016            

The Stream of Home: voice and piano

Concertino for Clarinet, Bassoon and Strings

Two Montgomery Songs: voice and piano

Three lyrical miniatures: piano solo

Organ Ostinati

Mourner's Kaddish: baritone/male voice and piano

Sonnet to Twilight: three sopranos and optional piano

My pulse is languid, all my senses die: voice and piano

Night Scene: voice and piano

O bid me not to wander: voice and piano

Four Chorale Preludes for Organ

Three Preludes and Fugues for Piano

The Lover, the Waterlilly, and Nature's natal hour: voice and piano

I will hide her...Within my soul: SATB and optional piano

When I am gone: voice and piano

Quattro ricercari a tre voci: piano solo

I once rejoiced: voice and piano

Spring Dreams: voice and piano

Im traulichen Kreise: SATB and optional piano

Cease to weep: voice and piano

Amatrice: voice and piano

Tantum ergo: male choir and piano

Écossaises and Waltzes for Piano

Early Autumn Aria for Organ

Kyrie alternatim: male voices and piano

Gloria alternatim: female voices and piano

Ave Maria: three sopranos (soloists or choir) and piano or organ

Reimagining Schubert's Allegretto Fragment D. 900: piano solo

Quattro ostinati: piano solo

Ricercare-Fantasia: flute ensemble (piccolo, 3 flutes, alto flute, and bass flute)

Zion spricht: Der Herr hat mich verlassen: voice and piano

Voices of the Past - A Song Cycle on Poems by Adelaide Anne Procter: voice and piano

Praeludium in G for organ

Agnus Dei: male choir and piano

Credo in unum Deum: SATB and piano

Sanctus ritornello: female voices and piano

Little Canonic Meditation for Piano Quintet

Sonata Cantabile: organ solo

Peaceful Shades: voice and piano

Preludium in d minor: piano solo

Bagatelles for Wind Septet: piccolo, flute, oboe, 2 clarinets (A), and 2 bassoons

Kleine Kyrie: SATB choir or soloists and organ or piano

No separate existence: voice and piano

Ave verum corpus: SATB and piano (also version with organ, and another for voice and piano)

Three Little Pieces for Harpsichord (ossia piano)

Prelude super "Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh' darein": organ solo

Tristis est anima mea: voices and organ/piano

Ectenia for Organ Solo

Regina cæli: SATB choir or soloists and organ or piano

Salve, Regina: female voices and piano

Versiculi: organ solo

Alma Redemptoris Mater: voice and piano

Lamentations: soprano, contralto, bass and organ

Contrapuntal Study for Three Violoncelli

Variations on the Basque Tune "Aiñhara": organ solo

The Seasons of the Heart: voice and piano

The Old Clock: voice and piano

Contrapuntal Study for Two Oboes and Violin

Contrapuntal Study for Flute, Clarinet (A) and Violin

Contrapuntal Study for Voice and Piano

Menuet Breve for String Trio

Contrapuntal Study in Trio for Organ

There is a silence upon the Ocean...: voice and piano

Pralinudettino–Istampitte per celesta

Contrapuntal Study for String Trio

Five Piano Canons

Before Morning: An Improvisation for Daybreak 12/30/16: piano solo

Four Fughettas for Piano [completed 2017]




Non-durables: two alto saxophones

Six Preludes for Organ

Fiori d'inverno: flute, violin, and piano

Due fiori sinfoniche: orchestra

Album Leaves 2015: piano solo

When the leaves are turning brown: SATB choir and organ

Krttika: brass quintet and marimba

Little Organ Book 2015

Concertino for Oboe and Strings

Short Passages: piano solo

A shot in the dark: flute, bass trombone, and marimba

Little Infinite Canons for Two Trombones

Ruminations on "Let Us Break Bread Together": piano solo

Between the Rosewood and the Underbrush: mezzo-soprano and guitar

Seven Organ Chorales

Trio super "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland"

October 2, 1911: A Love Letter

Petite fantasie: clarinet (Bb) and piano

Variations on "Vater unser im himmelreich": piano solo

Eight Waltzes: piano solo

Organ Book XVI

A few little piano pieces from the Summer of 2015

Division of Labor: percussion quartet

A Song of Life: SATB choir and two violins

Beyond the Veil: SATB choir and two violins

Colloquy: piano solo

Little Overture for Marimba, Winds, and Brass

Fantasie for Piano Quartet

Variations on "Idumea": piano solo

O Joyful Sound of Gospel Grace!: hymn for choir and organ

Four Pieces for Organ

Youth and Age: baritone and piano

Variations on "Maria durch ein Dornwald ging"

Fantasie and Fugue for String Trio

Six Short Stories for Piano

Nine Brief Pieces for Organ

Trio super "Des heil'gen Geistes reiche Gnad'": trombone trio

Ruminations on "Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern"

Five Shape-Note Ruminations

Organ Book XVII

Soliloquy for Bass Clarinet and Strings

Three Organ Chorales in Trio

Motet: "Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der von uns den Gotteszorn wandt": SATB and organ

Piano Sonatina 2015

Blue breathing Night: baritone and piano

Come here, fond youth: baritone and piano

Dances of Bhimbetka: piano solo

Little Book of Chorales VII: piano solo

Autumn Praeludia: organ solo

Life a Glass Window: tenor and piano

The Crescent Moon: voice and piano

Once more, and yet once more: baritone and piano

Sechs kleine geistliche Orgelstücke mit Stimmen

Little Chaconne for Two Guitars

Little Chaconne for Piano - on the death of my father, Jerome, who gave me everything.

November: voice and piano

Funeral Litany for Organ

Humoresque and Adagio for Violin and Piano

Three beauteous springs: SATB

Funeral Litany for Organ

Light and Shadow...Bright or Obscure: male voice and piano

Chaconne-Ritornello for Piano

Contrapuntal Ephemera: strings and keyboard instrument

All nature tells: voice and piano

Distant Message: male voice and piano

Let us be companions still: voice and piano

Antiphon for Brass and Organ: two trumpets (C), two trombones, and organ

A Rhyme of the Snowdrop: voice and piano

Vårsång utan ord: two violins and piano

When leaves fall and cold winds come: voice and piano

Litany: "Ach wie flüchtig": male voice and organ

December Menuet for Bassoon and Piano

Dream-Land: voice and piano

The silent volume: voice and piano

Passion-flower: voice and piano

Kleine Orgelmesse: organ solo




Andromède: orchestra

Four + One: two clarinets (Bb), two bassoons and marimba

An Exhortation: SSAA Choir

Sonata-Memoir: piano solo

"Who poured the phantom...And chased huge heavens within ash of thought...": two solo violins and orchestra

On a Beautiful Sunset: contralto and piano

"When the lamp is shattered, The light in the dust lies dead...": violoncello and orchestra

Little Book of Chorales VI: piano solo

Trio for Four: flute, violin, and piano four-hands

Of such I dream, my world!: SATB Choir and piano

Capriccio e fuga: organ solo

Five Dialogues: piano solo

Concertino for Clarinet and Strings

Eight Passing Steps: piano solo

Concertino Rondo for Bassoon and Strings

Petite romance pour piano en intonation juste: piano solo

Crooked eclipses...: three female voices and violoncello

Fugue à trois voix pour piano en intonation juste: piano solo

Concertino for Trumpet and Strings

Three Little Trios for Organ

Symphonietta V: string orchestra

Aer: organ solo

Six Miniatures for Piano

Variations on a Theme by Henry Purcell for Piano Quartet

Scattered Uncertainty: clarinet quartet

Variationis super "Frère Jacques"

Lost Love: TTBB choir

Madrigals for 3 Voices: SAB

Quartet for Clarinet and String Trio: clarinet (Bb), violin, viola, and violoncello

Partita super "Frère Jacques"

Drei geistliche Gesänge: voice and piano

Barcarolle burlescamente: clarinet (Bb), violin, and piano

Hit Back: two vibraphones

Sechs kleine Stücke für Orgel

Concertino for Trombone and Strings

A Little Infinite Canon for Two Violins

Albumblatt: piano solo

Preludes 2014: piano solo

Aer for Oboe and Organ

Organ Book XV

Kleine geistliches Gesangbuch: choir and piano (ad libitum)

Slumber remained dark and unfelt: string quartet (also a shortened version - Slumber remained dark and unfelt, Silent)

Odd Men Out: percussion ensemble (10 players)

Procession to Tmolus: four trombones (2 tenor, 2 bass)

Compendium organum MMXIV [completed 2015]

Divertissement: oboe and string trio [completed 2015]





Variations on "A Mighty Fortress": piano solo

Scraps: woodwind quintet

On a Beautiful Sunset: contralto and piano

Pasacalle: piano four hands

Vesper Chant for Organ

...the city as in Dreamingland lost...: violin and piano

Variations on "My Country, 'Tis of Thee": piano solo

Cotillion: chamber orchestra

Ritornelli: piano solo

Ritual Variations on "Hanacpachap cussicuinin": piano solo

Aurai: solo bassoon [versions also for flute, saxophone]

Late Winter Dances: piano solo

Messe pour piano à quatre mains: piano four-hands

Three Pieces for Piano Four-Hands

Quartetto Scherzando: bassoon quartet

Daylight: ATBB (or TTBB) choir

The Hallucinations of Dance Master Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro: violin and guitar

Absolute Advantage: trumpet (Bb) and marimba

Sonnet Sonatinas: violin and piano

Aubade for Winds: wind octet

Flirt: oboe and 2 clarinets (Bb)

"Like Boats lost in fogs - We dance as the innocent summer sun - In silence and awe": oboe, basset horn (F), and bassoon

Indifference curve: trumpet (Bb), trombone, and three percussionists

The Venus of Brassempouy: organ solo

Pavyn: chamber orchestra

Sterilized Intervention: marimba solo and orchestra

August Suite: piano solo

"Unrisen splendour of the brightest sun...": trumpet solo, four horns, timpani, and string orchestra

Summer and Winter: flute and harp or flute and marimba

Organ Book XIII

Blue Columbine: orchestra

Insider Trading: horn (F), trombone, tuba

Shadow Puppets: piano solo

"On their translucent lids, whose texture fine Scarce hides the dark blue orbs that burn below With unapparent fire...": piano quartet  

Organ Book XIV: organ solo

Concertino for Piano Four-Hands and Winds

Prelude and Fugue for Brass Sextet: 2 trumpets (Bb), horn (F), euphonium, and tuba

"...they recede, and now Bending within each other's atmosphere Kindle invisibly...": two violins and two pianos

Poems Left Behind: voice and piano

The Past is With Us: single manual organ (preferably mean-tone)

Variations on "Palomita que vienes herida": flute, clarinet (Bb), vibes, and marimba

Three Pieces for Bassoon and Piano

Throw Caution: 2 oboes, 2 clarinets (Bb), bassoon, and contrabassoon

Brief thoughts on the winter of 2013: piano solo

Rival Consumption: clarinet (Bb) and percussion quartet




Austerity Measures: flute and bassoon

4 Ecossaises for Piano

...piercing years of ceaseless light plead untold passions that beat the scattered stars... : flute, clarinet (Bb), violin, violoncello, marimba, and piano

Little Book of Chorales V: piano solo

Colour Grain: mixed choir

Literary Devices: piano solo

Duro: alto saxophone (Eb), or clarinet (Bb), or bassoon and piano

Partita on the Agincourt Carol: piano solo

Variations on the Agincourt Carol: organ solo

Fantaisies sur l'air "Une Jeune Fillette": piano solo

A Child's Dream: violin and guitar

Summer Suite 2012: organ solo

Ballad on joy!: marimba and woodwind quartet

Serenade in Grey: oboe and string quartet

Ultima Verba: voice and guitar

Adaptive Expectations: clarinet (Bb) and vibraphone

Three Little Pieces for Organ

Fugue Studies: piano solo

Determinants of Demand: flute, clarinet (Bb), bassoon, marimba and piano

Towers of Sand: baritone and piano

"Nun komm'...Now comes" : two violins and piano

Fantasie super "Vater unser im Himmelreich": organ solo

Kyrie antiphonalis: SATB and organ

Prelude super "Nun komm', der Heiden Heiland": organ solo

Reminiscences of Hugo Distler: two violins

Recueil de Chants: piano solo

Crosstalk: clarinet (Bb) and harp

"...clouded in the rounding of a horizon...": for string trio

Esquisses pour piano à quatre mains: piano four hands

Hard Currency: marimba and percussion quintet

"The armed man should be feared"...and other lessons from the Renaissance: clarinet (Bb), two percussionists and piano

Variationis super "L'homme armé": piano solo

Three Epithets: speaker, flute, percussion, and harp

Three Songs on Age: voice and piano

"... between sparkling lust that stirs in motives life!": flute, clarinet (Bb), marimba, and celesta

Deux Préludes après Satie pour piano à quatre mains: piano four hands







New Beginnings – A Fanfare: symphonic wind ensemble

Distleriana: flute, oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, violoncello

Day that I have loved: baritone, violoncello, and piano

Wintry Mix: flute, oboe, bass clarinet (Bb), and vibraphone

Where the Angels Ever Sing: two part setting with organ accompaniment

And this great human rebellion: clarinet (Bb), bass clarinet, marimba and string quartet

Præludium suasoria: organ solo

Musical Specimen: bassoon, marimba, and piano [vers. for bass clarinet (Bb)]

Simple Arrangements of Organ Hymns and Chorales

"...the glittering rocks - that calm the eye, romantic tears of sparks - From the noxious sky...": flute and string quartet

Two Madrigals on Poems of Rupert Brooke: SATB choir

Toccatina per duetto: bassoon and piano

Variations on "There were three Ravens": flute and piano

"...some voice disturbs me from the inner room...": flute, clarinet, and vibraphone

Partita on "There were three Ravens": piano solo

Little Organ Pieces for Contemplation

Vier kleine Choralvorspiele: organ solo

On Leaving Some Friends at an Early Hour: SATB choir

The Human Seasons: TTBB choir

Capriccietto d'inverno: viola and bassoon

Album Leaves 2011: piano solo

Little Sarabande: viola and bassoon

In the Midst of the Seas: male voice and piano

Sechs kleine variationen für zwei violinen: "There were three Ravens"

"...sharing with starlike speks at night this uncertain force...": woodwind quintet and piano

Drei Ländler für Klavier

Calidore: two violins and organ (completed in 2015)



Ecossaises for Violin and Marimba

Gioco Chiassoso: clarinet (Bb), and two bassoons

Three Short Studies for Organ

Three Little Chorales for Violoncello and Piano

They sat and laughed in gold echoes - They played with twigs and stones: two violins

The poet's instinct slumbers apart: two violins

Three Chorales for Two Violins

Gioco Chiassoso: clarinet (Bb), and two bassoons or clarinet, bass clarinet, and bassoon

Sketches for Brass Quintet: 2 trumpets (Bb), French horn (F), tenor trombone, and tuba

Sticking Up: bassoon and marimba soloists, two brass choirs, and orchestral chimes

Trickle Down Effect: saxophone quartet

"In secret hides this wild peace...": 2 violins, viola, and violoncello

"Before we breath a little further...": violin, viola, and violoncello

Ostinato-Litanie: organ solo

Little Rondo for Organ

"Shades of autumn quietly lowered a - Humble veil upon the ground in preservation...": marimba and vibraphone [2 players]

Là-Bas: two bass clarinets (Bb)

"Sought in secret...": trumpet ensemble

"... amid slumber I sealed aweep as I crept for a phantom thought...": clarinet (Bb), bass clarinet (Bb), and piano

"Where cowering shadows, in patience Hold -The figure now in Sunlight gold.": clarinet (Bb) and string quartet

The Shape of Things to Come: saxophone trio

Enigmas: baritone voice and vibraphone

Choosing Sides: clarinet (Bb), bassoon, and marimba





Dash: bassoon and vibraphone [alternate version for bass clarinet (Bb) and vibes]

Love! is truly a lost jewel...: for two violins

Piccolo scherzo per tre strumenti: flute, bassoon, and marimba

"He who calls the stars by name..." : two violins, viola, violoncello, and piano

Elusive Places: violin, mandolin, and guitar

Under a Leafless Oak: voice and piano

Fantasy on Pamina's Aria "Ach, ich fühl's": bassoon and piano

Saviour of the Nations, Come: two part setting with piano accompaniment

On another last day...: violin and piano

Boutefeu: oboe, clarinet (Bb), and bassoon

Katkovirta: percussion and piano

Benediction: orchestral chimes and piano

Summer Dreamings: flute, oboe, clarinet (Bb), and bassoon

Pleasant Prophecies: flute, clarinet (Bb), and bassoon

The Cobweb in the Sky: flute, oboe, and clarinet (Bb)

Little Chaconne on the 350th Anniversary of the Birth of Henry Purcell: oboe, two violins, and bassoon

Variations on "Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern": violin and piano

Canzonetta: oboe and piano

The Tree and the Sky: violoncello and piano

The Couple: violoncello and piano

Organ Book XII




Il momento lussureggiante per tre musicisti: clarinet (Bb), vibraphone, and piano

Piccola rapsodia per tre musicisti: clarinet (Bb), violin, and piano

Macineranno: two violoncelli

Bagatelles for Bassoon and Marimba

Estemporaneo per quattro musicisti: violin, viola, violoncello, and piano

Psalm 125: organ solo

Petite suite pour quatre musiciens: clarinet (Bb), horn (F), bassoon, and piano

Sonata Intima: piano solo

Album Leaf: organ solo

Night Song for Noa: clarinet (Bb), violoncello, and piano [alt. version with bassoon instead of violoncello]

April and Silence: violoncello and piano

Poets Forever at Dawn: voice and piano

Our Father: two part setting with organ or piano accompaniment

Twilight: male choir, flute/violin, and violoncello

La valse du nord: violoncello and guitar

Ballata: solo guitar

Piano Album 2008

Dancing on Delicate Ground: bassoon and string trio

An Evening Walk: violin and string trio

Little Book of Chorales IV: piano solo

Graces three: three female voices (or female choir) and symphonic wind ensemble


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feigned illusions: soprano, flute, clarinet (Bb), violin, violoncello, percussion, and piano

passion sought: soprano, flute, clarinet (Bb), violin, violoncello, and percussion

from heart undaunt: soprano, flute, clarinet (Bb), violin, and violoncello

Six Bagatelles: piano solo

Durkh un Durkh: violin, mandolin, and guitar

Symphonietta IV [begun in 2006]

Aria di sera: English horn (F) and contrabass

A piacére: oboe and clarinet (Bb)

Sonata for Violoncello and Piano

for Rhonda: solo alto sax

Ainissesthai: horn (F) and piano or viola and piano

Nostalgia for Two: 2 bassoons and piano

Earth: for female chorus (or off-stage trumpets) and orchestra

Un temps calme: bass instrument and organ

Slumber: alto solo [collected as part of Alto Songs ]

Una serenata per cinque: flute, oboe, clarinet (Bb), horn (F), and bassoon

Meditations on the Nature Poetry of Samuel Greenberg: piano four hands

Chaconny in b minor: flute, oboe, clarinet (Bb), violoncello, and harp

Sonata-Impromptu: piano solo

Un piccolo duetto di basso: bassoon and violoncello

Estemporaneo per tre musicisti: violin, violoncello, and piano



The Pale Memory (10'37") - an Aurichalcum Production (with John Merigliano)


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Nostalgia: bassoon and piano

Piano Album 2006

Canzoni per violoncello e guitarra

Scurry: bassoon and piano [arrangement of a piece similarly titled for double bass]

Egloga: violin and piano

Chimaeras: viola and piano

Organ Book XI [begun in 2005]

Miniatures for Miniaturists: violin, violoncello, clarinet, percussion, and soprano

Hocket in Your Pocket: bassoon and percussion

Idyll: bassoon quartet

Récitative Styrienne: solo bassoon

Common Assertions: solo percussion

Homage à Gris: piano solo

Variations on "Nun komm', der Heiden Heiland": clarinet (Bb) and piano

Nouveau Estampies: clarinet (Bb) and bassoon

feigned illusions: soprano, flute, clarinet (Bb), violin, violoncello, percussion, and piano

Anurj: bassoon and chamber ensemble

Boutadettas: bassoon and piano


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Canzoni per violino e guitarra

Piano Album 2005

From the Sick Sleuth Sonnets: voice and piano

Victimae paschali laudes: SATB and optional piano

Waltz: violoncello and piano

Monumentum pro Giacinto Scelsi ad annum C: piano solo

Sun Moon Stars: SATB and flute (or Native American Flute)

Ciacona e Fuga in commemoration of the centennary of Karl Amadeus Hartmann: piano

...again, I'd choose you: voice and piano

Suite at the End of Summer: piano solo

The Flower that Swept by Bliss: mezzo-soprano and piano



Makeshift 24" X 36"

Beacon 24" X 36"

Meridian 24" X 36"

Double Cross 24" X 18"

Reprise 24" X 18"

Distant Embrace 36" X 24"

Broken Echo 24" X 36"

Triptychon I   Hexagonal 12", 10", and 8"

Triptychon II   Hexagonal 8", 10", and 12"

Diptychon I   Hexagonal 10", and 12"            

for Arnold 24" X 36"

Thumbnail Sentinel 12" X 18"

Diptychon II 18" X 24"   (2)

for L.G. 24" X 36"

Conduit I 24" X 36"

Conduit II 48" X 36"

Triptychon III   Hexagonal 10", and 12" (2)

Causeway I 48" X 36"

Tetrachon I Hexagonal 12" (4)

Forge 16" X 20"

Causeway II 16" X 20"


Love in the Letter [Prose]

The Lugubrious Yearbook [Prose]

What We Remember [Prose]

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Caprice: symphonic wind ensemble

Præludium harmoniæ eiusdem: organ solo

Partita super "Wo Gott der Herr nicht bei uns hält": organ solo

August Preludes: piano solo

Comodo: piano solo

Five Preludes and Fugues for Piano

Little Book of Chorales III: piano solo

Moments of Nostalgia: piano solo

Two Greenberg Songs: female voice, violin and guitar

for Sol: bass clarinet (Bb), marimba, vibraphone, and piano


La Zarabanda (3'21") Video Painting

Stone Mandala (5'47") Short Subject

Eve Blossom (5'09") Short Subject

Weigh-ges (2'51") Short Subject

The Numbers of Genocide: Comprehending the Magnitude of Mass Murder (9'45") Documentary/Short Subject

for Anton (47") Documentary


Solace 36" X 24"

Fractures 24" X 30"

Intersections 24" X 36" (2)

Celebrity in Limelight 24" X 30"

Contemplation 24" X 30"

Contemplation III 28" X 24"

Oblique Inclinations 48" X 24"

Kelter 24" X 30"

Replica 24" X 30"

antipodean junction 24" X 36" (2)

Neo-Constructivist Painting or Slot 24" X 36"

Six Seconds Flat  24" X 36"

Three Distinct I 48" X 24"

Three Distinct II 48" X 24"

1,2,5/6, 8, 44 48" X 24"

And never again will you whisper to me 24" X 36"

Reconciliation 20" X 16"

Reflex 48" X 24"

Common Assertion 24" X 36"

Lyric Projection 48" X 24"

Ghost Town 24" X 36"

Shift 24" X 36"

Center Stride 24" X 36"

Reason Enough 24" X 36"

Close Quarters 48" X 24"

for Anton 24" X 36"

Inside Out   48" X 24"

À Rebours 24" X 24"

The First Sign of a New Season 48" X 36"

Cutting Corners 24" X 36"

Two Bodies 24" X 24"

Thwart 24" X 36"

The Great Divide 24" X 30"

Trisection (Hommage à Robert Morris) 24" X 30"

Six Merge 24" X 36"

Concentric Fantasy (Hommage à Albers) 24" X 24"

On that last of perfect days - In memory of John Vanella 24" X 36"

"De froide lumière aiguisé, Arrête Pierrot épuisé" 24" X 36"

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6,000,000: sound environment for an installation

Drei Choralbearbeitungen: organ solo

Organ Book VIII

Organ Book IX

Organ Book X

Partita super "Christe, der du bist der helle Tag": organ solo

Variationis super "Vater unser im Himmelreich": organ solo

A stitch in time...: piano solo

Excursions: piano solo

It's six of one: piano solo

Little Book of Chorales: piano solo

Little Book of Chorales II: piano solo

Nocturne-Epitaphs: piano solo

Up Against: prepared piano (for dance)

Variations on "Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh' darein": piano solo

Variations of "Ich hab' mein' Sach' Gott heimgestellt": piano solo

Variations on   "Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der den Tod": piano solo            

Variations on   "Nun freut euch, lieben Christen, g'mein": piano solo

A Waltz through the Vapor: clarinet (Bb), soprano sax (Bb), viola, and piano

Rigaudon à Sara: clarinet (Bb), violin, and piano

Two Pieces for Violoncello and Piano


Totentanz (7'55") Short Subject

Shaping Fragility: The Dream of Making Music from Sand (9'55") Documentary/Essay


Figure Suspended 48" X 24"

Urban Sprawl I 36" X 24"

The Palace Portraits 20" X 16"

Autumn Gust 20" X 16"

Two Figures 36" X 24"

The Palace Portraits 20" X 16" (4)

Two Figures 36" X 24"

Outside 18" X 24"

Two Figures 36" X 24"

Aubergine Encomium 24" X 48"

Atum 24" X 48"

Correlatio 36" X 24"

Two Rough Hewn 20" X 16" (2)

Elevatio 36" X 24"

Ma'at 24" X 48"

Two Figures 36" X 24"

Eight Unoccupied Horizons 36" X 24"

Nurikabe 48" X 24"

Double Dare 16" X 20"

Reliquia 28" X 22"

Brutal, Noble Skies: In memoriam Challenger et Columbia 24" X 48"

Approach 36" X 24"

Two Figures for Paul DeSilva 36" X 24"

Marriage 9" X 12"

The Philosopher 9" X 12"

Hiroshima: August 6, 1945 at 8:15 A.M. 28" X 24"

The Trial 28" X 24"

The Tryst 28" X 24"

Fiat 36" X 24"

Urban Sprawl II 28" X 22"

Triads I 24" X 30"

Paraphrase 24" X 30"

Jugalbandi 22" X 28" (2)

Interpolation 24" X 48"

Split Infinitive 36" X 24"

The Abduction of Dionysus 36" X 24"

Sobek 24" X 36"

Magnanime gentes laudes 22" X 28"

Evening Highway

Violet Composition 36" X 24"

Confronting Authority 36" X 24"


A Jury of Your Peers [Screenplay/Commentary]

Biology Relationship Psychology [Commentary]

Impositions [Conceptual Work(s)]

Long Distance Despair [Screenplay]

Review [Conceptual Work]

Modern Conveniences [Conceptual Work]

Personal Effects [Conceptual Work]

Review [Conceptual Work]

The do that this will [Dramatic Recitation; aided by Paul DeSilva]

Timed Arien [Conceptual Work based on Intermedia Pieces of Dick Higgins]

Totentanz: The Death of Hugo Distler [Screenplay]

Transaction [Conceptual Work]

You're not the person I married [Screenplay]

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Variations sur "O filii et filiae": wind ensemble

Aria, Capriccietto e Fuga: organ solo

Cinque Breve Toccate d'Intavolatura d'Organo

Drei Kleine Choralbearbeitungen: organ solo

Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott: organ solo

Fünf Choralphantasien: organ solo

Præambulando, Ciccona, e Ricercare: organ solo

Præludium aequus: organ solo

Proæmium, Carmen, et Fuga: organ solo

Organ Book V

Organ Book VI

Organ Book VII

Partite legare: organ solo

Passacglia super "Singen wir aus Herzens Grund": organ solo

Sechs Orgelchoräle

Sieben Orgelchoräle

Sonata in Two Movements for Organ

Symphonia epopea: organ solo

Third Trio Sonata: organ solo

Three Chorale Fantasias: organ solo

Three Preludes and Fugues: organ solo

Two Brief Preludes and Fugues: organ solo

Tochata e Canzona: organ solo

Variationis Canonica super "Nun komm', der Heiden Heiland": organ solo

Vier Kleine Choralbearbeitungen: organ solo

Anurj: piano solo

Diverse curiose e rare partite musicali, per uso e recreatione di gli amatori di pianoforte: piano solo

Five Brief Extemporizations on Plainchants and Chorales: piano solo

Livre de pièces pour clavecin

Los Sentimientos de Conventillo: piano solo

Three Little Sacred Improvisations: piano solo

Two Variations on Lutheran Chorales [Wie schön leuchtet and Durch Adams Fall]: piano solo

Two Very Trivial Pieces for Piano [Variations on a Frivolous Theme and Étude de Concert]

Variations on "Das alte Jahr vergangen ist": piano solo

Variations on "Deo gracias": two pianos

Variations on "Mit Fried' und Freud' ich fahr' dahin": piano solo

Variations on "Nun komm', der Heiden Heiland": piano solo

Variations on "O filii et filiae": piano solo

Variations on "Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten": piano solo

Chorale Partita on "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland": SATB chorus, woodwind quintet, and piano

Five Aphoristic Selections from the Poetry of Samuel Greenberg: tenor and piano

Five Little Sacred Songs: voices (2 treble, tenor, and bass) and piano

Incantations II: male voice and piano

...love of finished years: SATB chorus, woodwind quintet, double string quartet, and piano

Three Little Motets on Lutheran Chorales: SSATB chorus

Canonic Impromptu: 2 bassoons

Canzonette a nove: 2 flutes, 2 clarinets (Bb), percussion, piano, 2 violins, and violoncello

Ciaconna per tre strumenti: percussion, piano, and string bass

Corybantes: three clarinets, three trumpets, and four percussionists

Livre de pièces pour trio: flute, violin, and harpsichord

Ma`ai: horn (F) and percussion

Piccola Serenata per sei strumenti: flute, bass clarinet (Bb), percussion, piano, violin, violoncello

Sarabande pour trio: violin, guitar, and piano

Serenata per due amici: clarinet (Bb) and piano

Triptychos: violin and guitar

Veiled Echoes: Native American flute (or flute or oboe) and strings with harpsichord and percussion


Between the Rosewood and the Underbrush [Short Story]

Final Draft #4 [Poem]

It is past already [Poem]

Slave Labor [Conceptual Work; visual conception aided by Sara S. Whitley]

Telephone Despair [Commentary]       

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Dedication and Fanfare: SATB chorus and orchestra with solo clarinet

Symphonietta II: orchestra  

Symphonietta III: orchestra  

Organ Book II

Organ Book III

Organ Book IV

Præludium quasi una fantasia: organ solo

Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort [Partita]: organ solo

Warum betrüst du dich, mein Herz [Partita]: organ solo

Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern [Partita]: organ solo

4 Preludes and Fugues: piano solo

6 Character Pieces: piano solo

Changing Partners: A Waltz for Solo Piano

Compendium aphorismus: piano solo

Compendium contrapuncti: piano solo

Ephemerides: piano solo

Noktiurn in memory of Andrei Tarkovskii: piano solo

Piece Poems: piano solo with speaker or speaking pianist

Prelude, Contemplation, and Fugue: piano solo

Scarlett Suite: piano solo

Sonatina for Harpsichord

Sonatinietta: piano solo              

The Still Waters by Sagamore Hill: piano solo

Three Little Pieces for Piano

Une Suite de Pièces: piano solo            

Anonymous Songs: voice and piano

Love meant: two tenors, violin, viola, piano, and percussion

Three Songs of Solitude, Loss, and Transience: baritone voice and piano

Two Hardy Songs: voice and piano

Two Songs from the French: voice and piano

Chorale Partita on "Vater unser im Himmelreich"

From the Sonnets of Apology: SATB chorus, 2 flutes, 2 clarinets (Bb), double string quartet, and percussion

Memento mori: female chorus [SSA] with optional orchestral chimes

Momento mori September 11, 2001: SATB chorus

Silent Numbers: SATB chorus, percussion, piano, and string quintet

Sonnets of Apology: Motion and Reflection: soprano, alto, string quartet and piano

Three Motets on Lutheran Chorales: SSATB chorus

And then?: nine percussionists

Canzonette a due: clarinet (Bb) and violoncello

Canzonette a tre: flute, violin, and violoncello or bassoon

Canzonette a quattro: string quartet

Canzonette a sei: flute, oboe, two guitars, violin, and violoncello

Cautious Mischiefs: flute, clarinet (Bb), bassoon, piano, percussion, and string trio

Distant Companion: violin, clarinet (Bb), tenor sax (Bb), and piano

Eclogues: string quartet

Momentos: violin, viola, violoncello

Rural Modulations: soprano saxophone (Bb), 2 percussionists, and piano

Scurry: string bass and piano [also available in versions for other bass instruments]

Semele...Thyone: guitar and unpitched percussion

Serenata: two clarinets (Bb) and piano

Six Very Small Places: violin, violoncello, and piano

Splinters: marimba solo

Two in a dream...dancing: soprano saxophone (Bb), 2 percussionists, and piano


A Time After Our Own [Short Story]

At the Boundary of Existence [Dramatic Recitation]

At the Cliff's Edge [Poem]

Children [Poem]

Covert Oppression [with John Paul Merigliano]

Genocide in the 20th Century: 6,000,000 [Conceptual Work]

Memorial and Installation [visual conception aided by John Paul Merigliano]

Ghosts in the Room [Poem]

Piano Assault! [Conceptual Work with music]

Quiet Roads [Poem]

Changing Partners [Poem]

Ruminations on Injustice and Current Affairs [No Category]

The Trivial Life of a State University Music Professor [Satire]

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Babillage: clavier and chamber orchestra

Symphonietta I: orchestra

Déploration: organ solo

Eight Miniatures for Organ

Organ Book I

Chaplinesque: piano solo

Contrapuntal Keyboard Studies: piano solo

Dedications: piano solo [collected pieces]

Estampie and Fugue: piano solo

Four Piano Dances: piano solo

Improvisation and Fugue: piano solo

Pastorale: piano solo

Prelude, Fugue and Ostinato: piano solo

Ricecare super "Uß tieffer nodt schry ich zu dir" [De profundis]: piano solo

Six Little Pieces for Piano

Something to remember me by: piano solo

Sonata Maledizione: piano solo

Loose Pages: soprano, alto, and piano

If I could but forget: soprano, mezzo, and piano

Soft Songs: tenor and piano

Some More Soft Songs: baritone and piano

Ach, wie flüchtig: SSATB chorus

Aus tiefer Not schrei: SSATB chorus

Bacchae Odes, Dances and Airs: theatre piece for voices and synthesizer

Observance: SATTB chorus, SS soloists

Old Turtle: tenor, children's chorus and chamber orchestra

A Little Summertime Drama: flute and piano

Currents: bass clarinet (Bb) and piano (with optional percussion)

Evening Pastorale: 4 flutes

Four Bagatelles: violin, viola, violoncello, and piano

Secret Rhymes: piano and string quartet

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Four Scenes of an American Past: chamber orchestra

Overture: orchestra

Short Suite for Symphonic Winds

Symphonic Studies

5 Præludia: organ solo

Meditation: organ solo

Variata super Cunctipotens Genitor: organ solo

6 Préludes: piano solo

24 Préludes: piano solo

A Waltz through the Vapor: piano solo

broken crystal...falling gently, falling silently: piano four-hands

Studies in Repose: piano solo

Lone figures floating: 2 female voices and flute (or Native American flute)

Songs of a Foreigner: treble voice and piano

Brief Quartets: string quartet

Fantasy-Sonatas: flute, oboe, or violin and harpsichord

Incantations: 2 violins and piano

Little Caprice: flute and bassoon

Lyrical Incantations: alto saxophone and piano

Three New Miniatures for Guitar

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Passacaglia Tenebrosa: orchestra

Batalha: organ solo

Partita super De Profundis "Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir": organ solo

Præludia, Tricinia, Bicinia, Fantasias, Toccatas, Variations and Partitas on Lutheran

      Chorales and Gregorian Hymn Tunes for the Liturgical Year: organ solo

Second Trio Sonata: organ solo

Symphonic Variations: organ solo

Trio Sonata: organ solo

Incantations: female voice and piano

Qadish: soprano, 2 clarinets (Bb), bass clarinet (Bb), piano, harp, vibes, violin, viola, violoncello

Eight-fold Amen: SATB chorus and organ

"On My First Daughter" : female choir

Mildly Familiar Territory: clarinet (Bb), bass clarinet (Bb), violin, cello, and piano

Movements for Brass Quintet and Organ

O felix apparicio: bass instrument (bassoon, violoncello, etc.) and piano

Paeans: violin, viola, and violoncello

Partita: woodwind quintet

Romances: violin and piano

Suite: recorder/flute/Native American flute and guitar

Tributaries: violin, violoncello, and piano        

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Chorale Fantasia super "Mitten wir im Leben sind": organ solo

Symphonic Fantasy: organ solo

Floating Elements for a Sculpture: piano (formerly named Intermodulations)

Offering to the Goddess: piano solo

Little Songs on Foscolo Extracts: soprano and organ/piano

Lover and Beloved: soprano and guitar

I Lift Up My Eyes: Psalm 123:1,3: SATB chorus

Pange lingua: SATB chorus

Psalm 117: SATB chorus

Psalm 133: SATB chorus

Psalm 137: male chorus

Psalmody: vocal quartet with violin, viola, cello, string bass, and piano

Puro Refulgens Lumine : SSATB chorus

Stabat Mater: SSATB chorus, SATB soloists, and orchestra

Te Deum: two antiphonal bass choirs and organ

The Lord Bless You and Keep You: SATB chorus

The Seven Last Words of Christ: SATB chorus and chimes

"...then thou shalt call, and the Lord shall answer...": SATB chorus and soloists, trumpet, and organ

Weep for Saul, O daughters of Jerusalem: female chorus

Absent Melodie: alto sax (Eb) or viola and piano

Breath of Life: Native American flute, flute (or violin), viola, and cello

Concertino for Guitar and Ensemble

Elemental: violoncello and piano

Episodes: violin and guitar

Estampies: brass quintet and organ

Memory Within, Moments Without: clarinet (Bb) and piano

Passacaglia Lyrica: two guitars

Passacalle: brass quintet (also organ version)

Recollections: A Quiet Encore: two guitars

Set: violoncello and guitar

Three Miniatures for Guitar

Triune: violin, violoncello, and guitar

Vuoto: guitar solo


5 Poems [1. Mildly Familiar Territory, 2. Tributaries, 3. Temporary Truths, 4. Reformations, 5. Quintessentials]  

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Die Kleineorgel: organ solo

Fughetta super 'Vater unser': piano solo

One More Moment Without Memory: piano

David and Absalom: SATB chorus, TB soloists, and small orchestra

Poe Extracts: speaking guitarist

Quintessentials: piano and string quartet

Reformations: piano, clarinet (Bb), and string quartet

Six Scenes: clarinet (Bb) and string quartet

Temporary Truths: clarinet (Bb), alto sax (Eb), and piano

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Variations on "Nun komm der Heiden Heiland": piano solo

For Oonagh Doran: mezzo soprano

The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross: baritone and organ

Latin Hymn and Fuging Tune: SSATB chorus

Lutheran Mass: chorus/voices and organ

Chorale Variations on "Ach wie flüchtig": 2 treble instruments and organ

Fantasia super "Wem in Leidenstagen": treble instrument and organ

Opus Naught: flute/piccolo, viola, and bassoon (reworkings of Juvenilia)

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Three Chorale Fantasias: organ solo

Two Settings of an American Theme: organ solo

Æterne rerum conditor: SATB chorus and organ

Aestimatus sum: SATB chorus

Emanation II: Dirge for Wesley Branick: 2 clarinets (Bb), 2 horns (F), piano, and speaker

Glimpse into Ginnungagap: flute, violoncello, and percussion

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Two Organ Chorales [Da Jesus an dem Kreuze Stund and Vater unser]

Hymnus de Resurrectione: voices and organ

All in Good Time: flute, tenor sax (Bb), and 2 percussionists

Compound Fracture VII: Punto Intenso Contra Remisso: sax quartet and piano

Last Calls: percussion solo

Paean: flute and organ

Second Piece for Two Percussionists


Dirge for Wes Branick [Poem in conjunction with composition of the same title]

Discourse on Living Perspective [Commentary]

Foretelling Memories [Poem]


Transformation [Poem from Holocaust Project "Shalom Rav"]

Two Portraits [Poem]          

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The Transfiguration [Conceptual Work with music]     

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Tympanum: organ solo

Intersecting Vaults: flute solo

Persephone: clarinet (Bb) solo           

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December: organ solo

The Channel of Gravelines-Petit Fort Philippe: guitar solo


I can't believe I'm back here but since I am might as well (posthumerous)

The Western Wynde (A Meditation) [Poem]: I Deansboro, New York, II Pieta

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1989 and before




Among the Many Volumes

The Doctor Treats the Whale and Gives Him a Lolly on the Way Out [Poem Collection]

Game 7: The Second of Three Pages [Dramatic Recitation]

On the Job [Prose/Poetry/Short Story]

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