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Helpful resources for calculating carbon emissions


Information about carbon footprints and footprint calculators

Carbon footprint calculators

Carbon Footprint CalculatorSmoke coming out of factory smokestacks



CalculateYour Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint information

Carbon Footprint Factsheet

What Is a Carbon Footprint? - Definition


Ideas to reduce a carbon footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Cornell Dining - Sustainability

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How to Reduce Your Family's CArbon Footprint

Reduce Energy


Carbon emissions information

Emissions calculator for many products and services

CleanAirTrust - Waste

CO2list - Carbon

CO2 emissions for multiple fuel sources: Carbon Dioxide Emissions Coefficients

Household energy emissions

Lower My Bill Toolkit - Savings Calculator

Energy Saver - Thermostats

Minnesota Power - TOD Appliance Operation Cost

Emissions from incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED lights

LED Light Bulbs - Comparison Charts

How Much CO2 Does a Light Bulb Create?

Emissions from phantom energy use

Energy Smart

Emissions from plastics

Carbon emissions of plastic bags and bottles during their life - CO2 Emissions During Their Lifetime

Plastic waste - Helping You Reduce Your Plastic & Consumables Waste

Emissions from water use

Environmental impact of bottled water

Environmental Impacts of Bottled Water

What's the Problem with Plastic Bottles?

Tap water vs. bottled water

Tap Water vs. Bottled Water in a Footprint Integrated Approach

Bottled water and energy

Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet

Low-flow shower heads


Handwashing vs. machine washing dishes

Built In Dishwashers vs. Hand Washing: Which is Greener?

Emissions from the food system

Food transportationFood Miles Calculator

Food carbon footprint

Food's Carbon Footprint

Food Carbon Footprint Diet

Climate Change Food Calculator: What's Your Diet's Carbon Footprint?

Emissions from coffee

The Carbon Footprint of Coffee

Emissions from animal food products

Giving up Beef will Reduce Carbon Footprint more than Cars

Avoiding Meat and Dairy is 'Single Biggest Way' to reduce your impact on Earth

Eat Less Meat: CO2 Emission of our Food

Emissions from Coca-ColaÒ

What's the Carbon Footprint of a Coca-Cola?

Emissions from restaurants

What is your Restaurant's Carbon Footprint?

Automobile emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions from a typical automobile - Greenhouse Gass Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle

Automobile fuel economy - Fuel Economy Information

Driving style and mileage - How Much Does Driving Style Affect MPG?

Last Update: February 11, 2020


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former Business Librarian

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