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Economic Data - FRED® (Federal Reserve Economic Data)
Economy Track

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Economics Research Network (ERN)
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2000 Census - Minnesota
American FactFinder
Annual Survey of Manufactures
Big Mac Index (Wikipedia)
The Beige Book (Federal Reserve Board)

The Billion Prices Project @ MIT
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Economic News Releases
Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
Bureau of the Public Debt
Business Cycle Indicators
Canadian Industry Statistics
Censtats Data - US Census Bureau
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
CNN Money
Construction Statistics
Consumer Expenditure Survey
Consumer Price Index
Current Industrial Reports (CIR)
eAtlas of Global Development (World Bank)
Economagic: Economic Time Series Page
Economic Census 2007
Economic Growth Resources
Economic Indicators - Economy.com
Economic Indicators (U.S. Census Bureau)
Economic Policy Institute
Economic Research Service - USDA
Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Economy at a Glance
Exchange Rates
Export Assistance and Exporter Information - DEC
FDIC Institution Directory (Database)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Federal Reserve Board: Statistical Releases
Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research
Federal, State and Local Governments
Financial Calculators
Forex Charts - DailyFX.com
Forex Market New - DailyFX.com
Global Economic Calendar
Global Financial Data
Glossary of International Economics
Glossary of Political Economy Terms
Historical Timeline (FDIC)
International Economics Network
IRS Data Books 1998 to 2000
IRS Data Books 2001 to 2003
Journals Indexed in EconLit - American Economic Association
The Library of Economics and Liberty
MelissaData - Free Online Lookups
Minnesota Economic Trends
Minnesota Employment Review
Minnesota Wages and Salaries
Money - Past, Present, and Future
National Agricultural Statistics Service for U.S. Agriculture Statistical Information and Graphics
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Macrohistory Database
National Compensation Survey
NewsBatch.com - Globalization
Nonemployer Statistics
Oanda - The Currency Site
Online Glossary of Research Economics
Population Index on the Web
Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE)
St. Louis Fed: Economic Data Fred II - St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank
SEC Info
Social Science Data on the Internet
The Tax Foundation
Terms of Trade and Other Wonders - Dearforff's FLossary of Itnernational Economics
XE Universal Currency Converter
USDA Economic, Statistics, and Market Information System - Quick Search
Wachowicz's Web World

Back to TopReference Sources

Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios: REF HF 5681 .R25 T68x 2005
American Salaries and Wages Survey:  REF. HD 4973 .A67
Annual Statement Studies: REF HF 5681 .B2 R6 2006-07
Bibliographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists:  REF. HB 76 .B5
The Big Mac Index: REF HG 3821 .O54
Business Statistics of the United States:  REF. HC 101 .A13122 2004
Consumer Price Index Manual: REF HB 225 .C577
CRB Commodity Yearbook:  REF. HF 1041 .C56
Datapedia of the United States: REF HA 202 .K87 2004
Dictionary of Economics:  REF. HB 61 .R92
Economic Indicators Handbook:  REF. HC 103 .E26
Economic Report of the Governor:  REF. HC 107 .M6 E24
Economic Report of the President:  REF. HC 106.5 .A272
Economics Deciphered:  REF.  HB 171 .L635
Employment, Hours, and Earnings: REF HD 8051 .A62 2005
Encyclopedia of American Industries: REF HC 102 .E53 2005 (2 vols) (Also in Business Insights: Essentials *)
Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources: REF HF5035 .E53x 2003
Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries:  REF. HD 2324 .E528
Encyclopedia of Political Economy (vols. 1-4):  REF. HB 61 .E554
Encyclopedia of Tariffs and Trade in U.S. History (vols. 1-3): REF HF 1705 .E53 2003
Encyclopedia of Transportation: REF HE 141 .E53
European Business - Facts and Figures: REF HC 241.2 .P313 2003
A Financial History of the United States: REF HG 181 .M297 2002 (3 vols.)
Foreign Trade of the United States:  REF. HF 3003 .F6
Government Finance Statistics Yearbook 2004: REF HA 40 .F5 I5X v.28 2004
Great Economists Since Keynes:  REF. HB 76 .B55
Handbook of Cyclical Indicators:  REF. HC 101 .A123x
Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics:  REF. HD 8051 .A63
Historical Encyclopedia of American Labor: REF HD 8066 .H57 2003
Historical Statistics of the United States: Millenial Edition: REF HA 202 .H57 2006 (5 vols.) (See also Electronic)
Household Spending - Who spends how much on what:  REF. HC 110 .C6 O34
Housing Statistics of the United States:  REF. HD 7293 .A1 H654
Index of Economic Freedom: REF HB 95 .I48 2005
Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios:  REF. HF 5681 .R25 I53
Industry Research Using the Economic Census: REF HC 101.B594 2004
Information, Finance, and Services USA: REF HD 9999 .I493 U625 2001
Infrastructure Industries USA: REF HD 9506 .U5 A64 2001
International Encyclopedia of The Stock Market: REF HG 4551 .I57 1999 (2 vols)
IMF Data: REF HG 3881 .I5X V.55 2005
International Historical Statistics: Various Call Numbers
Key Indicators of the Labour Market: REF HD 5701 .K49 2003
Key Management Ratios: REF HF 5681 .R25 W347 2002
Manufacturing and Distribution USA (3 vols.):  REF. HD 9721 .M364
Mcgraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Ecnomics:  REF. HB 61 .E55
Mid-Youth Market:  REF. HN 60 .R87
MIT Dictionary of Modern Economics:  REF. HB 61 .P4
North American Industry Classification System - United States:  REF. HF 1042.5 .N674
National Income and Product Accounts of the United States:  REF. HC 110 .I5 A3
New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (vols. 1-4):  REF. HB 61 .N49
New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law (vols. 1-3):  REF. K 487 .E3 N48
New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance (vols. 1-3):  REF. HG 151 .N48
Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences:  REF. HB 76 .N63
OECD Factbook: Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics: REF HC 10 .O34 2005
Official Guide to American Incomes:  REF. HC 110 .I5 O44x
Official Guide to the American Marketplace:  REF. HB 848 .034
Palgrave Dictionary of...: Various Call Numbers
Standard Industrial Classification Manual:  REF. HF 1042 .A55 1987x
Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys: REF HC 106 .S74 (Now updated by the more current NetAdvantage)
State Profiles: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State: REF HA 203 .S725 2002
Statistics on Banking: REF HG 2401 .S76
Survey of Social Science - Economic Series (vols 1-5):  REF. HB 61 .S94
United States Foreign Trade Highlights: REF 3000 .U63 2005
Who's Who in Economics: REF. HB76.W46
World Cost of Living Survey:  REF. HD 6977 .W77
World Development Indicators:  REF.  HC 59.69 .W656x
World Development Report:  REF. HC 59.7 .W659
World Economic and Social Survey:  REF. HC 59 .A169
World Trade Almanac:  REF. HF 1371 .W67
Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies: REF HC 15 .W675 2002 (4 vols.)

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