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Back to topIceland
About.com - Maps and Geography - Iceland
ABYZ News Links - Iceland
Background Notes: Iceland - U.S. Department of State
BBC Country Profile - Iceland
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Iceland
CIA World Fact Book - Iceland
CountryReports.org - Iceland
Destinations Guides - Iceland
Economic Freedoms - Iceland
Doing Business in Iceland (World Bank)
Flag of Iceland
Global Gazetteer - Iceland
Iceland at Randburg
Iceland Chamber of Commerce
Iceland Country Profile -Marketlineinfo- EBSCO
Iceland Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Icelandic Government Offices
Iceland - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Invest in Iceland
Law Library of Congress - Iceland
Ministry of Finance
Noovell News Iceland
Official Statistics for Country -Iceland
Political Resources on the Net - Iceland
Selected Issues - International Monetary Fund
Trade Council of Iceland
U.S. Embassy in Iceland
UN Data - Iceland
Wikipedia - Iceland
World Health Organization - Iceland
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Iceland

Back to topIndia
About.com - Maps and Geography - India
ABYZ News Links - India
Amnesty International Report 2015 - India
Background Notes: India - U.S. Department of State
Bank International Indonesian (BII)
Bank of India
BBC Country Report - India
Business Etiquette and Culture
Census of India
Central Board of Excise and Customs
Centre for Intercultural Learning - India
CIA World Fact Book - India
Consulate General of India: New York City
CorporateInformation.com - India
CountryReports.org - India
Department of Statistics
Destination Guides - India
Doing Business in India (World Bank)
Economic and Business Overview
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Trade and Investment
Economic Freedoms - India
The Economic Times
Economist Country Briefings - India
Embassy of India
Embassy of India Contact Information
Export Import Data Bank
Financial/Stock Exchanges/Investments in India
Flag of India
Global Gazetteer - India
Hindu Business Line
Human Rights Watch - India
India Career Guide -Goinglobal- EBSCO
India Country Monitor -Globalingsight- EBSCO
India Country Profile -Marketlineinfo- EBSCO
India Country Review -Countrywatch0 EBSCO
India - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
India - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Indian Tax System
Law Library of Congress - India
Link to the Indian Import-Export sector
MediaWeb India
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Ministry of Commerce and Industry: Department of Commerce
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs
Ministry of Labour
National Commission on Population
Noovell News India
Political Resources in the Net - India
Political Risk Yearbook -India- EBSCO
Reserve Bank of India
Securities and Exchange Board
The Structure of the Indian Rupee Market
Stock Exchange of Mumbai
The Times of India
Trade India
U.S. Embassy in India
UN Data - India
Wikipedia - India
World Bank Group - India
World Health Organization - India
WorldTravelGuide.Net - India
Yellow Pages of India

Back to topIndonesia
About.com - Maps and Geography - Indonesia
ABYZ News Links - Indonesia
American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia
APEC Tariff Database
Asian Development Bank
Background Notes: Indonesia - U.S. Department of State
Bank Indonesia, The Central Bank of The Republic of Indonesia
BBC Country Profile - Indonesia
Business Etiquette and Culture
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Indonesia
CIA World Fact Book - Indonesia
CorporateInformation.com - Indonesia
CountryReports.org - Indonesia
Destinations Guides - Indonesia
Doing Business in Indonesia
Doing Business in Indonesia (World Bank)
Economic and Financial Data for Indonesia
Economic Freedoms - Indonesia
Economic Perspective
Economist Country Briefings - Indonesia
Embassy of Indonesia Contact Information
Financial/Stock Exchanges/Investments in Indonesia
Flag of Indonesia
Global Gazetteer - Indonesia
Human Rights Watch - Indonesia
Indonesia: Central Bureau of Statistics
Indonesia Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Indonesia Country Profile -Marketlineinfo- EBSCO
Indonesia Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Indonesia - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Indonesia - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Indonesian Product.com
Jakarta Stock Exchange
Law Library of Congress - Indonesia
Noovell News Indonesia
Political Resources on the Net - Indonesia
Sersic Statistics & Databases
Statistical Appendix
UN Data - Indonesia
Wikipedia - Indonesia
World Bank Group - Indonesia
World Health Organization - Indonesia
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Indonesia
Yellow Pages

Back to topIran
About.com - Maps and Geography - Iran
ABYZ News Links - Iran
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Iran
Background Notes: Iran - U.S. Department of State
BBC Country Profile - Iran
Business Etiquette and Culture
Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Iran
CIA World Fact Book - Iran
CountryReports.org - Iran
Destinations Guides - Iran
Doing Business in Iran (World Bank)
Economic Freedoms - Iran
Economist Country Briefings - Iran
Flag of Iran
Global Gazetteer - Iran
Human Rights Watch - Iran
Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Iran Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Iran Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Iran - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Iran - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Iran Online Yellow Pages
Iranian Human Rights Working Group
Law Library of Congress - Iran
Noovell News Iran
Official Statistics for Country -Iran
Political Resources on the Net - Iran
Political Risk Yearbook -Iran- EBSCO
SalamIran - Iran Information
Statistical Appendix
UN Data - Iran
Wikipedia - Iran
World Bank Group - Iran
World Health Organization - Iran
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Yellow Pages - Iran

Back to topIraq
About.com - Maps and Geography - Iraq
ABYZ News Links - Iraq
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Iraq
Background Notes: Iraq - U.S. Department of State
BBC Country Profile - Iraq
Central Bank of Iraq
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Iraq
CIA World Fact Book - Iraq
CountryReports.org - Iraq
Destinations Guides - Iraq
Doing Business in Iraq (World Bank)
Economist Country Briefings - Iraq
Embassy of Iraq
Flag of Iraq
Global Gazetteer - Iraq
Human Rights Watch - Iraq
Iraq - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Iraq - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Law Library of Congress - Iraq
Noovell News Iraq
Official Statistics for Country - Iraq
Political Resources on the Net - Iraq
Political Risk Yearbook -Iraq- EBSCO
UN Data - Iraq
Wikipedia - Iraq
World Health Organization - Iraq
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Iraq

Back to topIreland
About.com - Maps and Geography - Ireland
ABYZ News Links - Ireland
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Ireland
Attracting foreign investment
Background Notes: Ireland - U.S. Department of State
BBC Country Profile - Ireland
Business Etiquette and Culture
Central Statistics Office
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Ireland
Chambers of Commerce
CIA World Fact Book - Ireland
CorporateInformation.com - Ireland
CountryReports.org- Ireland
CSO Ireland: Principal Statistics
Deparment of Education and Skills
Department of Finance
Department of Social and Family Affairs
Destinations Guides - Ireland
Discover Ireland
Doing Business in Ireland (World Bank)
Economic and Financial Data for Ireland
Economic Freedoms - Ireland
Economist Country Briefings - Ireland
Embassy of Ireland
Flag of Ireland
Global Gazetteer - Ireland
Human Rights Watch - Ireland
Iesearch : Search Engine
Information on the Irish State
Internet Business Ireland
Ireland Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Ireland Country Profile -Marketlineinfo- EBSCO
Ireland Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Ireland - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Ireland - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC)
Irish ExportNet
Irish Finance and Business
Irish Incorporation's Ltd.
The Irish Times
Irish Yellow Pages
Law Library of Congress - Ireland
Official Statistics for Country -Ireland
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency - NISRA
Noovell News Ireland
Political Resources on the Net - Ireland
Political Risk Yearbook -Ireland- EBSCO
Revenue Commissioners
Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix
Small Firms Association
Staff Report for the 1999 Article IV Consultation (International Monetary Fund)
UN Data - Ireland
UK National Statistics
Ulster Bank
U.S. Embassy in Ireland
Wikipedia - Ireland
World Health Organization - Ireland
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Ireland

Back to topIsrael
About.com - Maps and Geography - Israel
ABYZ News Links - Israel
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Israel and the Occupied Territories
Background Notes: Israel - U.S. Department of State
Bank Hapoalim
BBC Country Profile - Israel
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Israel
CIA World Fact Book - Israel
CorporateInformation.com - Israel
CountryReports.org - Israel
Destinations Guides - Israel
Doing Business in Israel (World Bank)
Economic and Financial Data for Israel
Economic Freedoms - Israel
Economist Country Briefings - Israel
Embassy of Israel, DC
Embassy of Israel, London
Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce
Financial Services in Israel
Flag of Israel
Foreign Ministry
Global Gazetteer - Israel
Golden Pages - Israel
Israel - American Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Israel Association of Electronics and Software Industries
Israel's Business Arena (Online business newspaper)
Israel: Central Bureau of Statistics
Israel Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Israel Country Profile -Marketlineinfo- EBSCO
Israel Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Israel Export Institute
Israel - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Israeli Economy
The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition
Law Library of Congress - Israel
Ministry of Finance
MizrahiBank - Capital Market
Noovell News Israel
Political Resources on the Net - Israel
Political Risk Yearbook -Israel- EBSCO
Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix
UN Data - Israel
Wikipedia - Israel
World Health Organization - Israel
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Israel

Back to topItaly
About.com - Maps and Geography - Italy
ABYZ News Links - Italy
American Chamber of Commerce in Italy
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Italy
Angloinfo Rome
Background Notes: Italy - U.S. Department of State
Bank of Italy
BBC Country Profile - Italy
Business Etiquette and Culture
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Italy
CIA World Fact Book - Italy
CorporateInformation.com - Italy
CountryReports.org - Italy
Destinations Guides - Italy
Doing Business in Italy (World Bank)
Economic Freedoms - Italy
Economist Country Briefings - Italy
Fiscal System
Flag of Italy
Global Gazetteer - Italy
Historical National Accounts
Human Rights Watch - Italy
In Italy Online
Italian Competition Authority
Italian National Standards Body
Italian Stock Exchange
Italian Trade Commission in Canada (ITC)
Italy Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Italy Country Profile -Marketlineinfo- EBSCO
Italy Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Italy - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Italy - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Italy : online Stock Exchange, shares quotes, Italian Financial Information
Law Library of Congress - Italy
Ministry of Finance
Noovell News Italy
Official Statistics for Country - Italy
Political Resources on the Net - Italy
Political Risk Yearbook -Italy- EBSCO
Stock Exchange - Market data
UN Data - Italy
Wikipedia - Italy
World Health Organization - Italy
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Italy

Back to topIvory Coast  (see Cote D'Ivoire)
Abidjan Stock Exchange
About.com - Maps and Geography - Ivory Coast
BBC Country Profile - Ivory Coast
Economic Freedoms - Ivory Coast
Global Gazetteer - Ivory Coast
Noovell News Ivory Coast
Political Resources on the Net - Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

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Last Updated: December 11, 2019


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