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Back to TopUganda
About.com - Maps and Geography - Uganda
ABYZ News Links - Uganda
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Uganda
Background Notes: Uganda - U.S. Department of State
Bank of Uganda
BBC Country Profile - Uganda
Bureau of Statistics
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Uganda
CIA World Fact Book - Uganda
CountryReports.org - Uganda
Destination Guides - Uganda
Doing Business in Uganda (World Bank)
Economic Freedom - Uganda
Embassy of Uganda
Flag of Uganda
Geography, Population, and Water Resources
Global Gazetteer - Uganda
Human Rights Watch - Uganda
Investment Profile
Investment, Trade and Tourism Opportunities
Law Library of Congress - Uganda
Mining Industry
Ministry of Education and Sports
Noovell News Uganda
Oil Industry
Political Resources on the Net - Uganda
SESRIC Statistics & Databases - Uganda
Uganda Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Uganda Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Uganda - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Uganda Investment Authority
UN Data - Uganda
Wikipedia - Uganda
World Bank Group - Uganda
World Health Organizatrion - Uganda
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Uganda

Back to Top Ukraine
About.com - Maps and Geography - Ukraine
ABYZ News Links - Ukraine
American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Ukraine
Background Notes: Ukraine - U.S. Department of State
BBC Country Profile - Ukraine
BRAMA - Gateway Ukraine
BRAMA: Ukrainian Law and Legal Matters
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Ukraine
CIA World Fact Book - Ukraine
CountryReports.org - Ukraine
Destination Guides - Ukraine
Doing Business in Ukraine (World Bank)
Economic and Financial Data for Ukraine
Economic Freedom - Ukraine
Economist Country Briefings - Ukraine
Embassy of Ukraine
Embassy of Ukraine to the United States - Press Releases
Flag of Ukraine
Global Gazetteer - Ukraine
Human Rights Watch - Ukraine
Law Library of Congress - Ukraine
Meta Search Engine
Money and Banking Statistical Data
Noovell News Ukraine
Political Resources on the Net - Ukraine
Political Risk Yearbook -Ukraine- EBSCO
Recent Economic Developments
SESNA Search Engine
State Statistics Service of Ukraine
Trade and Economic Mission of Ukraine in Canada
Ukraine Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Ukraine Country Profile -Marketlineinfo- EBSCO
Ukraine Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Ukraine - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Ukraine - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
Ukraine: State Committee of Statistics (In Russian and Ukrainian)
United Nations in Ukraine
U.S. Embassy in Ukraine
UN Data - Ukraine
Wikipedia - Ukraine
World Health Organization - Ukraine
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Ukraine

Back to TopUnited Arab Emirates
About.com - Maps and Geography - United Arab Emirates
ABYZ News Links - United Arab Emirates
Amnesty International Report 2015 - United Arab Emirates
Background Notes: United Arab Emirates - U.S. Department of State
BBC Country Profile - United Arab Emirates
Business Etiquette and Culture
Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates
Centre for Intercultural Learning - United Arab Emirates
CIA World Fact Book - United Arab Emirates
CountryReports.org - United Arab Emirates
Destination Guides - United Arab Emirates
Doing Business in United Arab Emirates (World Bank)
Economic Freedom - United Arab Emirates
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
Flag of United Arab Emerates
Global Gazetteer - United Arab Emirates
Human Rights Watch - United Arab Emirates
Khaleej Times
Law Library of Congress - United Arab Emirates
Noovell News United Arab Emirates
Ministry of Economy
Political Resources on the Net - United Arab Emirates
Political Risk Yearbook -United Arab Emirates- EBSCO
SESRIC Statistics & Databases - United Arab Emirates
UAE Federal Government
United Arab Emirates Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
United Arab Emirates Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
U.S. Embassy in United Arab Emirates
UN Data - United Arab Emirates
Wikipedia - United Arab Emirates
World Bank Group - United Arab Emirates
World Health Organization - United Arab Emirates
WorldTravelGuide.Net - United Arab Emirates
Yellow Pages

Back to TopUnited Kingdom (see also Scotland)
About.com - Maps and Geography - United Kingdom
ABYZ News Links - United Kingdom
Advertising Standards Authority
Aerospace Industries Association
Amnesty International Report 2015 - United Kingdom
Association of British Insurers
Background Notes: United Kingdom - U.S. Department of State
Baltic Exchange
Bank of England - Publications
BBC Country Profile - United Kingdom
BBC Search
Brit Index Search Engine
British Standards Institution
Business Etiquette and Culture
Butterworths Direct
Canfield Network on Comparative Human Resource Management
CBI - Monthly News
Centre for Economic Peformance
Centre for Intercultural Learning - United Kingdom
Charles Stanley
Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
CIA World Fact Book - United Kingdom
Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey of Sicker Adults
Companies House - Free Information
Company Annual Reports On Line (CAROL)
CorporateInformation.com - United Kingdom
Corporate Reports Ltd - Market Sectors
CountryReports.org - United Kingdom
Customs & Excise Information Service
Data and Prices
Department of Health - Statistics and Surveys
Department of Social and Family Affairs
Department for Work and Pensions
UK Department of Trade and Industry Home Page
Doing Business in the United Kingdom (World Bank)
Economic and Social Data Service
Economy at a Glance
Economics Data sets available free on the Web
Economic Freedom - United Kingdom
Electronic Telegraph
Embassy of the United Kingdom
The English Indices of Deprivation 2010
Facts and Figures - The Newspaper Society
Financial Times
Flag of United Kingdom
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
FTSE International
Global Gazetteer - United Kingdom
Growth Data Sets - Univeristy of Bristol
Her Majesty's Treasury
Higher Education Statistics Agency - University of Groningen
Historical National Accounts
House Prices - Nationwide Bank
Human Rights Watch - United Kingdom
Inland Revenue 
Institute for Social and Economic Research
International Housing Affordability Survey
Keeping Track - a Guide to Longitudinal Resources
Law Library of Congress - United Kingdom
Library Statistics (LISU) - Loughborough University
Lifestyle.UK (Search Engine)
Linkcentre Directory and Search Engine
London Business News
London International Futures and Options Exchange 
London Metal exchange
London Stock Exchange
Marketing Week
MaxiSearch Search Engine
Metal Hammer
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Money World UK
Monopolies and Mergers Commission
National Digital Archive of Datasets
National Gas Archive
National Statistics
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research
Noovell News United Kingdom
Office of Fair Trading
Official Labour Market Statistics
Open.Gov.UK (official web site of the British government)
Political Resources on the Net - United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
Political Risk Yearbook -United Kingdom- EBSCO
Publications and Statistics - Department of Health
Qango Search Engine
Rees Pollock
Research and Statistics - Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
Royal Bank of Scotland: News & Commentary - Market Reports
Scottish Government Statistical Data
Search UK : Search Engine
Selected Issues - International Monetary Fund
Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC)
Staff Report for the 1999 Article IV Consultation (International Monetary Fund)
Statistical Directorate of the Welsh Assembly Government
Statistical Series
Statistics and Analysis Directorate
Statistics - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Statistics Outputs - Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Statistics - Scottish Government
Statistics on UK farming and food
Sugar Traders Association of the UK
Thomson Tax
Transport Statistics - Department of Statistics
UK Business Park
UK Company News
UK Data Archive
UK election statistics : 1918 - 2007  House of Commons Library
UK Index Search Engine
UK Official Publications
UK Steel Industry Consortium
UK Trade Info
United Kingdom Career Guide -Goinglobal- EBSCO
United Kingdom Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
United Kingdom Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
United Kingdom - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
United Kingdom - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
United Kingdom: Office of National Statistics
U.S. Embassy in United Kingdom
UN Data - United Kingdom
A Vision of Britain Through Time
Wales - General Information
Wikipedia - United Kingdom
World Health Organization - United Kingdom
WorldTravelGuide.Net - United Kingdom
Yell - Search Engine

Back to TopUnited States
2000 Census Atlas of the United States
2000 Census of Population and Housing
A-Z Airfreight Directory
About.com - Maps and Geography - United States
ABYZ News Links - United States
Agency for Health Care Research and Quality
American Embassies Around the World
American Stock Exchange
American Time Use Survey - United States Department of Labor
American War and Military Operations Casualities - Congressional Research Service
Amnesty International on-line
Amnesty International Report 2015 - USA
ARL Annual Surveys
BBC Country Profile - USA
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Boston Stock Exchange
Budget of the United States Government - Office of Management and Budget
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US DOT
Business and Economics Online Plus
Business Etiquette and Culture
Cancer Statistics - National Cancer Institute
Chamber of Commerce
Center for International Data
Centre for Intercultural Learning - United States
Chicago Board of Trade 
Chicago Board Options Exchange 
Chicago Mercantile Exchange 
Chicago Stock Exchange
Child Trends Databank
CIA World Fact Book - United States 
CNN Interactive
Collection of Biostatistics Research Archives - COBRA
College and University Professional Association for Human Resources
Commodity Statistics and Information - United States Geological Survey
Comprehensive Warehouse of Data
CorporateInformation.com - United States
CountryReports.org - United States
Credit Card Statistics, Industry Facts, Debt Statistics
Current Population Survey (CPS)
Data Archives - Association of Religion
Data.Gov Catalog
Datazone - Economic Policy Institute
Department of Commerce
Department of Education
Department of State Homepage
Destination Guides - United States
Directory of US City Directories
The Dismal Scientist: An Economic Information and Economic Analysis Web Site
Disability Research and Statistics
Doing Business in the United States (World Bank)
Economic Census (2007)
Economic Data - FRED
Economic Freedom - United States
Economic Indicators - Council of Economic Advisers
Economic Indicators - United States Department of Commerce
Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Economics, Statistics and Market Information Systems - USDA
Economist Country Briefings - United States
EconStats - Economic Data
Energy Information Administration
Environmental Performance Index
Environmental Sustainability Index - Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity
Exchange Rates - Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
Fact Sheets - United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement
FactFinder - United States Census Bureau
Facts for Features - United States Census Bureau
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Election Commission
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research
Federal Web Locator
Financial Services in the United States
Find the Best - FindTheBest.com
FINWeb - Financial Site
Flag of United States
Foreign Labor Statistics
Foreign Trade Statistics
Forum on Child and Family Statistics
FRED® - Economic Research (Federal Reserve Economic Data)
Freddie Mac Housing and Mortgage Data
General Statistics - United States Patent and Trademark Office
Government Information
Govistics -  United States Center for Governmental Research
Graduate Enrollment and Degrees Report - Council of Graduate Schools
Graduates and First Professional Students - United States Department of Education
Health and Medical Statistics on the Internet - University of Maryland Libraries
Health Care Data
Health Sciences Library Statistics - Association of Research Libraries
Historical National Accounts - University of Groningen
Historical Statistics of the United States Database
HIV/AIDS - Agency for International Development
HIV/AIDS Surveillance - United States Census Bureau
Housing Facts, Figures and Trends
Human Rights Watch - United States
Industry Analysis - International Trade Administration
Industry Analysis - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Institute of Management and Administration - Business Directory
Interactive Tariff and Trade Dataweb - United States International Trade Commission
Internal Revenue Service
International Business Cards
International Development Research Centre (IDRC): To the World
International Fertilizer Industry Association
Investing in Minds - Institute of Policy Studies
Kansas City Board of Trade
Law Library of Congress - United States
Law Library Statistics - Association of Research Libraries
List of Stock Exchanges - World Stock Exchanges
Literacy Fact Sheets
Microsoft Corporation
Migration Facts, Stats and Maps - Migration Policy Institute
Minerals Information - United States Geological Survey
Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Mother Lode Internet, Inc.
Nasdaq Stock Market
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
National Association of Home Builders
National Center for Education Statistics
National Center for Health Statistics
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
National Survey of Children's Health
National Technology Transfer Center
NBER Working Paper Series
New York Mercantile Exchange 
New York Stock Exchange
NOAA Satellite and Information Service
Noovell News United States
NREL's International Pages (Text Version)
Online Climate Data Directory - National Climatic Data Center
Open Government Guide - Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
OTC Bulletin Board 
Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN)
Panel Study of Income Dynamics
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
Political Resources on the Net - USA
Political Risk Yearbook -USA- EBSCO
Population Index - Princeton University
PRB : Population Reference Bureau : DataFinder
Public Opinion Surveys
Quarterly Report Indexes of Living Costs Abroad, Quarters Allowances, and Hardship Differentials
Regional Economic Conditions (RECON) : US
Report on the State of the Islands - Department of the Interior
Reports - Bureau of Arms Control
Reports and Studies - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
Research, Statistics Data and Systems - United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
School Enrollment in the United States - U.S. Census Bureau
Science and Engineering Statistics - National Science Foundation
Securities and Exchange Commision
Selected Issues - International Monetary Fund
Small Business Economic Indicators
Social Networking Sites and Our Lives - PewResearchCenter Publications
Social Science Research Network
Social Statistics Briefing Room
Staff Report for the 1999 Article IV Consultation (International Monetary Fund)
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book - 5th Edition
Statistical Reports - United States Courts
Statistics and Measurement - Association of Research Libraries
Statistics Sloan
Stock Price Indices - Economagic
Subjects Index - United States Census Bureau
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - Office of Applied Studies
Tariff Information Center - United States International Trade Commission
Tax Facts - Urban Institute and Brookings Institution
Tax Statistics - IRS
Thomas Register - American Manufacturers
Trade Stats Express
Travel and Tourism Statistics 
Trends and Statistics - National Institute on Drug Abuse
United States Career Guide -Goinglobal- EBSCO
United States Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
United States Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
United States Department of Treasury
United States Foreign Born Population
United States - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
United States - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
US Agency for International Development
US Census Bureau
US Council for International Business
US Phone Books White Pages Yellow Pages Reverse Search
US Stock Exchanges
US Trade Representative
US Treasury
USA1 - Focus USA
USA Today
UN Data - United States of America
Wikipedia - United States
WorkPlace Injury, Illness and Fatality Statistics - Department of Labour
World Health Organization - United States of America
World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers
WorldTravelGuide.Net - United States

Back to TopUruguay
About.com - Maps and Geography - Uruguay
ABYZ News Links - Uruguay
American Chamber of Commerce - Uruguay
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Uruguay
Background Notes: Uruguay - U.S. Department of State
Banco Central del Uruguay
BBC Country Profile - Uruguay
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Urugauay
CIA World Fact Book - Uruguay
CountryReports.org - Uruguay
Destination Guides - Uruguay
Doing Business in Uruguay (World Bank)
Economic Freedom - Uruguay
Embassy of Uruguay
Flag of Uraguay
Global Gazetteer - Uruguay
Human Rights Watch - Uruguay
Law Library of Congress - Uruguay
Noovell News Uruguay
Political Resources on the Net - Uruguay
Political Risk Yearbook -Uruguay- EBSCO
Statistical Annex
Statistical Department
Uruguay Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Uruguay Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Uruguay - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
U.S. Embassy in Uruguay
UN Data - Uruguay
Wikipedia - Uruguay
World Health Organization - Uruguay
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Uruguay

Back to TopUzbekistan
About.com - Maps and Geography - Uzbekistan
ABYZ News Links - Uzbekistan
Amnesty International Report 2015 - Uzbekistan
Background Notes: Uzbekistan - U.S. Department of State
BBC Country Profile - Uzbekistan
Chamber of Commerce
Centre for Intercultural Learning - Uzbekistan
CIA World Fact Book - Uzbekistan
CountryReports.org - Uzbekistan
Destination Guides - Uzbekistan
Doing Business in Uzbekistan (World Bank)
Economic Freedom - Uzbekistan
Embassy of Uzbekistan
Flag of Uzbekistan
Global Gazetteer - Uzbekistan
Human Rights Watch - Uzbekistan
Law Library of Congress - Uzbekistan
Main Macroeconomic Indicators
Noovell News Uzbekistan
Political Resources on the Net - Uzbekistan
Portal of the State of Authority
SESRIC Statistics & Databases - Uzbekistan
U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Country Monitor -Globalinsight- EBSCO
Uzbekistan Country Review -Countrywatch- EBSCO
Uzbekistan - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Uzbekistan: Ministry of Macroeconomy and Statistics
UN Data - Uzbekistan
Wikipedia - Uzbekistan
World Bank Group - Uzbekistan
World Health Organization - Uzbekistan
WorldTravelGuide.Net - Uzbekistan

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