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Marketing Research:
Web Sites & Printed Resources**

* These online links are only available to UMD faculty, staff, and students.
** "REF" designates books located in the Library's reference collection.

Contents of this Page:

Industry Analysis
Annual Editions and Handbooks
Analyst Reports
Area Analysis: Countries & International Info
Area Analysis: State and Local Information
Area Analysis: Atlases and Maps
Area Analysis: Minnesota Specific
Case Studies

Company Information
Comprehensive Sites
Concepts, Terms, and Definitions
Consumer Guides
Economic Analysis & Statistics
Export/Import Information

Guides to Business Information Sources
Industry Ratios
Market Share
Marketing Plans
Ranking and Ratings Sources
Regulatory Information
Site Selection
Small Businesses
Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC)& NAICS
Statitics - New Strategist
Supply Chain
Trade Associations, etc.
Web Search Engines

Major Players
Target Market
Ultimate end-user
Direct Mail
Direct Marketing
Ad Placement
Trade Shows

Industry Analysis

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