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Alan Watts Lectures

Alan Watts ~ Autobiography 1-5
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Alan Watts & Chögyam Trungpa - Right Here And Now

Alan Watts on Zen

Alan Watts Speaking at UCLA (1973)

The Art of Attracting Your Lover

The Art of Dealing With Pain

The Art of Meditation (Movie)

A Skilled Person Lives on Two Levels

Be Honest With Yourself

Being Free to do What You Want

Be Like Water, My Friend

Blind for Far Too Long

Break Through Limitations

Carl Jung Tribute

Characteristics of Life

Chasing Yourself

Close Your Eyes

Connecting to the Pattern of Life


Conversation with Myself

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The Cosmic Network


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Don't Wish For Less; Challenge For More

Do You Do It, Or Does It Do You?

Drugs & Addiction

EGO: Does it Really Exist?



Everything is in the Mind

Everything Smells of Burnt Almonds

The Fasting of the Heart

Fear of Enlightenment

Finding the Best Things in Life

Follow Your Heart

The Four Ways to Achieve Anything

God for 10 Minutes

The Guide to Beating Insecurity

Have an Abnormal Awareness

How Bad Do You Want It?

How to Find Purpose in Life

How to Interpret Dreams and Visions

How to Leave an Insane Asylum

How to Win the Game You Play

How Your Beliefs Create Reality

The Invisible Shackles

The Inward Journey

Is There a God?

The Joker

The Key To Freedom

Knowing Myself By Letting Go

Know the Real You

Let Go to Know Yourself

Let's Play the Game

Life and Music

Part 1
Part 2

Life is a Game

Live Without Fear (Daoism)

Living the Uncalculated Life

Masturbation, Religion, and Love

Marriage and Love

The Meaning of Existence

The Middle Way

Mind Over Mind: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Moksha (Liberation)

The More You Relinquish Power, The More Powerful You Become

The Musical Vibration of Love

My Experiences On Drugs

Myth of Ourselves

Nothing You Can Do

Replace Images Inside Your Mind With What You Want

The Secret to Organic Power

Seeing Through the Mirage

The Sensation of Love

Sex: The Pleasurable Punishment

Silence & Reality

Society as a Matrix

Part 1
Part 2

Society is a Hoax; Take Control of Your Life

The Source of Love and Light

Stop Living a Life of Preparation

Stop Measuring Relationships

Success is the Biggest Failure

Third Eye Connection

Time & The More It Changes

The Truth About Adulthood

Universal Spiritual Laws

The Universe Within you

Use Your Mind as a Mirror

The Value of a Psychotic Experience

Wake Up: Stop Sleeping Through Life

Way Past Seeking Stage

What Do You Desire?

What is My Role in the Universe?

What is Reality?

What You Focus On, You Will Attract (Poor Quality)

What You Weren't Taught

Where are We Going

Where the Mind Shouldn't Go

Who Is It Who Knows There Is No Self

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Why the Western World is Obsessed with Sexuality

Why Spirituality Matters

Why You Have a Fear of Pleasure

The World as Emptiness

Part 1
Part 2

You Don't Really Exist; Let Me Prove it to You

You Suffer Because You Desire

Your Worst Enemy is Your Mind

Zen - The Best of Alan Watts

Zen & The Art of Controlled Accidents


TV Appearances

Buddhism and Science (1960)

The Discipline of Zen (1960)

Mahayana Buddhism (1960)

Man and Nature

Part 1
Part 2


Part 1
Part 2

On Being Vague

Part 1
Part 2


Part 1
Part 2


Part 1
Part 2

The Silent Mind

Part 1
Part 2

Things and Thinks

Part 1
Part 2


Part 1
Part 2

The Void (1959)



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