Karen Gran

Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences

University of Minnesota, Duluth

1114 Kirby Dr.

Duluth, MN 55812


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I am a fluvial geomorphologist, which means I spend a lot of time in rivers, thinking about rivers, and enjoying rivers.  My research focuses on how rivers respond to change from Holocene-scale post-glacial evolution to century-scale anthropogenic land use changes to decadal-scale post-eruption landscape recovery.


GEOL 1042: Natural Disasters & Civilization

GEOL 1110: Geology & Earth Systems

GEOL/ESCI 2010: Surface Processes

GEOL 3210: Geomorphology

GEOL 4550: Tectonic Geomorphology

GEOL 4500: Field Geology (Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp)

GEOL 5260: Fluvial Geomorphology

GEOL 5601: Introduction to Stream Restoration

GEOL 8602: Stream Restoration Practice

GEOL 5603/CE 5203: Stream Crossing Design

Research Links

          National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics (NCED)

Natural Resources Research Institute

Fluvial Recovery at Mount Pinatubo

Landscape Evolution and Sediment Flux in the Minnesota River Basin

            Sediment Budgets (Le Sueur & Greater Blue Earth Rivers)

            CSSR (Collaborative for Sediment Source Reduction) in Greater Blue Earth River Basin

            Landscape Evolution in Le Sueur River Watershed

Riparian Vegetation in Braided Rivers:
                Sedimentology Group at University of Minnesota
                St. Anthony Falls Laboratory  

Mountain Drainage Basin Research Group at University of Washington

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