Long Description for Chart 1: "Comparing two timeframes and six bug categories"


The purpose of Chart 1 is to provide a comparison of accessibility bugs in two timeframes and identify any trends.


The August 21-28, 2010 (current week) timeframe is compared to the June 15, 2008 to August 28, 2010 (total a11y bugs to date) timeframe.

Each timeframe compares six resolved bug categories. Those categories are WONTFIX, NEEDSINFO, FIXED, WORKSFORME, INVALID, and LATER.


The six bug categories do not trend the same proportionality for the two date groupings. More bugs were fixed for the August 15-28 week than is the norm. Less bugs were marked WONTFIX for the week than is the norm.

  1. FIXED bugs for August 15-28 are the highest category. But FIXED bugs are the third highest category for the full time frame.
  2. WONTFIX is by far the leading category with over 50 total bugs for the full time frame. But the WONTFIX bugs for the weekly time frame is the second highest category.
  3. NEEDSINFO is a is the second highest category for the full timeframe. But for the weekly time frame it comes third.

After these first three categories, quantities trail off for the WORKSFORME, NVALID and LATER categories. No LATER bugs appear for the week of August 21-28.

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