Long Description: Giant stone face

This image is a photograph of a huge old stone carving of a face in three quarter view.

Subject Matter

Features of the face include:

Two ornate and intricate decorations adorn the subject:

  1. A tall headdress
  2. A necklace of circular discs on the neck


The media for the carving is not one humongous stone but rather number of large stone blocks piled one on top of another to make one massive whole. Because of the component rocks, the carving has a mosaic appearance.

The carving may be a relief or a full sculpture in the round but that is difficult to ascertain from the angle and cropping of the photo.

The stone appears weathered and aged as evidenced by numerous cracks, discoloration, and moss growth.


This sharply focused photograph was taken outside on a bright, sunny day. The carving is lit from the right in strong side lighting revealing fine details, contours, and textures in the stone. A clear sky and foliage are in the background.


Colors in the photograph are rich, saturated, and and vibrant.

Picture Component Color
Stone Carving Ranges from the deepest, darkest brown (almost black) to the lightest tan
Sky Ranges from an intense, vivid blue at the top of the picture to robin's egg blue where the sky meets the foliage
Foliage Bright, spring green