Element Description
Number Use Case Number
Title Verb-Noun combination. Short, clear, active voice, present tense, terse name.
Goal What one, some, or all of the actors want to accomplish.
Primary Actor A person, organization, or system that plays a role in one or more interactions.
Secondary Actors Other actors (could be systems) relied upon to accomplish use case.
Stakeholders and Interests Any person or group and what they want.
Constraints A restriction on the degree of freedom in providing a solution. Constraints are effectively global requirements, such as limited resources or a decision by management that restricts the way a solution can be provided. (e.g., technical requirement or business rule)
Use Scenario

Describes the context of a use case - the conditions, motivation, and environment of the task for a particular actor. It includes the "how" steps from the basic use case but also may describe what goes on in the primary actor's head before, while, and sometimes after he or she makes the decision to choose a particular solution. This text tells thier story.

Use scenarios are a way to understand actor motivation and tasks. It is important to understand why an actor might complete a specific task and how he or she completes it in order to be able to identify requirements.

Use Case Describes how an actor accomplishes a specific task. It describes the flow of the use case in a list of steps.
Notes Information that does not fit under a specific heading.
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