First Use of Violent Force (FUVF)

The FUVF variables indicate which state(s) initiated violent force within a militarized interstate dispute (MID), which state was the target of that force, and the date of that violent force.




The FUF project was created to determine which country or countries in the militarized interstate disputes were the first to use force in the dispute.  Until this point, conflicts only coded for the existence of force in a dyad.  This dataset codes the direction of that force.  






The FUF dataset is available in both MS Excel and in comma-separated variable formats.  Click on the appropriate link to begin download.  The current version is v1.10.


FUF v1.10: MS Excel (.xls) ASCII (.csv)
Codebook MSWord (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)  


Please cite this dataset as:

Caprioli, Mary, and Peter F. Trumbore. 2006. “Special Data Feature: First Use of Violent Force (FUVF) in Militarized Interstate Disputes, 1980-2001,”  Journal of Peace Research 43(6): forthcoming.








Mary Caprioli, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Duluth.
Peter F. Trumbore, PhD
Assistant Professor, Oakland University.

Lead Investigator:

Ole J. Forsberg, PhD
University of Tennessee




Refereed FUVF Articles:





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