Dudley Experimental Theatre
Sound System Inventory
Revised: February 2016

Sound Console

Macintosh OS10 with QLab 3.0
Audiofire 8-channel outputs
2 1200 watt Crown stereo amplifiers
2 2400 watt QSC stereo amplifiers

OAP T-102 4     JBL Control 1 Pro 8
        ElectroVoice ID 4.2 4

Speaker Outlets
Ceiling Northeast Corner 2     Ceiling Southeast Corner 2
Ceiling Northwest Corner 2     Ceiling Southwest Corner 2
Center North Wall 1     Center North Wall 1
Center East Wall 1     Center West Wall 1

Headset System
Clear-Com 6-wire, two-channel
Hard-wired stations: control booth left and right; in-house - northeast, northwest, southeast & southwest corners

Audio Monitor Location
Make-up room, green room, dressing rooms, and control booth.