TH 1501
Stage Lighting I

Lighting Journal


1. Find a photo that illustrates each of the following four types of visual composition: open space, closed space, open figure, closed figure.
2. Label each photo appropriately.
3. Explain how the lighting differs from one type of space to another.
4. Explain how the lighting differs from one type of figure to another.
5. Each entry should be on its own page.
6. Number entries 1 through 4.
7. All entries will be stamped dated. Do not use clear plastic sleeves.
8. See example below:

Open Space

Lighting an open space is used to accentuate lines that lead the viewer's vision off the page, implying the image reveals only a portion of the whole.

Closed Space

Lighting for a closed space helps support the image of a smaller, more intimate space. Lines tend to lead the view back within itself.

Open Figure

Lighting open figures tends to accentuate the eyes, leading the viewer's gaze off the page towards whatever the figure is seeing.

Closed Figure

Lighting a closed figure does not feature the eyes, but instead lights the body in such a way that the viewer's gaze is not encouraged to leave the page.

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