TH 1501
Stage Lighting I

Lighting Journal


1. Find five photos that illustrate the use of lighting to create mood.
2. Name the mood created in each photo.
3. Describe how the lighting helps create the mood for each photo.
4. Each entry should be on its own page.
5. Number entries 1 through 5.
6. All entries will be stamped dated. Do not use clear plastic sleeves.
7. See example below:

The mood of this photo is of relaxation. Even though the moon is in the photo, the actual source of light is the sun. The sun has apparently gone down, however, and it is the reflection of the sun's light off the earth's atmosphere that gives the photo its blue/lavendar color - contributing to the relaxed mood. Another aspect of this tranquil setting is that there is no apparent direction of the light. Soft, reflected light helps us identify with the kayakers as they wind down at the end of an active day.

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