TH 1501
Lighting Design I

Light a Song
Light a Song Orientation and Presentation Dates

Step 1: Choose a song.

Each group will be required to choose a song to be played with lighting accompaniment in the Main Theatre. Groups are encouraged to consider music that avails itself to various lighting interpretations. Songs that work best tend not to be too long. A 3-5 minute song can be quite a challenge to render adequately on stage. Groups may put actors or dancers on stage, if they wish. All members of the group must agree on the song to be used. The instructor expects decisions to be made by consensus rather than majority rules.

Step 2: Go to the orientation lab.

Class time will be scheduled for each group to spend fifteen minutes with the instructor in the Main Stage Light Booth. Each group should bring the song they have chosen to the orientation lab. A CD/cassette player will be available in the booth for groups to use. The instructor will help the group learn how to program the lighting console for their particular song. Groups may not alter the color or focus of any lights in the theatre.

Step 3: Schedule work time for the group.

A weekly schedule will be posted on the Light Booth door. Sign-up for times everyone in the group has in common. Due to time constraints, groups may not sign-up for more than one late night session. The group will be graded on both the amount of time each member puts into the project as well as the final product.

Step 4: Present project to the class.

The group should be prepared to demonstrate their project twice for the class, and discuss the process they went through to complete the project. Groups that can verbalize why specific instruments, angles, colors, intensities and movement worked best for their project will have the most successful projects.

Step 5: Hand in project.

Hand in project evaluation forms along with any notes used for the project. Projects will be saved in the lighting console, but groups are encouraged to also save their projects on personal flash drives.

Light a Song Orientation and Presentation Dates