Marshall Performing Arts Center
Sound System Inventory
Revised October 2015

In-house Console

Soundcraft GB4 42x4 analog mixer

Yamaha O1V96 v2 digital mixer
Mac OS10 with QLab3 software
4 750 watt BGW stereo amplifiers

In-house Console Location
Main floor right of center in Section

Microphone Outlets
Stage Left 2     House Left Vomitory 2
Stage Right 2     House Right Vomitory 2
In House - center in front of Lift #1 1     Catwalks 5
Stage Left Actor Balcony 2     House Balcony 2
Stage Right Actor Balcony 2     Grid 4

Microphone Inventory
2 Sennheiser ew 100 G3 Receiver B 626-668 MHz
2 Sennheiser e835 Wireless Hand Held
2 Sennheiser SK100 G3 Body Pack
2 Sennheiser ME 2 Lapel Mic
3 Shure UHF U4D Receiver J4 554-584 MHz
2 Shure UHF U4D Receiver UA 782-806 Mhz
14 Shure ULXP4 Receiver J1 554-590 Mhz
6 Shure U1 Body Pack J4 554-584 Mhz
4 Shure U1 Body Pack UA 782-806 MHz
14 Shure ULX1 Body Pack J1 554-590 MHz
6 Countryman Associates INC E6XOWST2SL Lavalier Over Ear
4 Countryman Associates INC E610WST1SL Lavalier Over Ear
11 Countryman Associates INC B3W4FFOSLSL Lavalier Over Ear 3mm Cable
6 Countryman Associates INC B64FFOSLSL Lavalier Over Ear 1mm Cable
1 Radial PRO DI Direct Box
2 Crown 1256 Contact Mic
4 Crown PCC 170 Boundary Mic
2 Crown CM-31W Choir Mic
3 Audio-Technica AT8035b Hand Held
1 Audio-Technica AT2020USB Large Diaphragm Condenser USB
1 Zoom H2n Portable Recorder
3 Electro-Voice 658L Hand Held
1 Electro-Voice No Switch Checking Still Hand Held
1 Shure SM 58 Hand Held
1 Audio-Technica AT 8004 Hand Held
3 EV RE15 Hand Held
2 EV 635A Hand Held

OAP T-102 4     JBL MP418SP Subwoofers 2
Electro-Voice Sentry IV B 5     JBL Control 1 Pro 10
Center Cluster 4        

Speaker Outlets
Center Cluster 4     House Rear Wall 5
Upstage Wall 2     House Balcony Rear Wall 5
Stage Left Actor Entrance 1     Front of House Seating Area 3
Stage Right Actor Entrance 1     House Left Vomitory 1
Stage Left Actor Balcony 1     House Right Vomitory 1
Stage Right Actor Balcony 1        

Headset System
Clear-Com 6 wire, two channel
Hard wired stations: light booth, sound booth, follow spot positions, back stage left and right, vomitoria, trap room, and in-house

Audio Monitor Location
Make-up room, dressing rooms, and lighting control booth.

Telephone Location
Light booth, box office

Steinway Model: D 9'-0" Grand
Austin-Weight Upright Grand